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Saratoga Springs NY headshot photographer

You have found the top Saratoga Springs NY headshot photographer! It would be great to talk with you about how I can help you meet your communications and branding goals as one of the most experienced Saratoga NY headshot photographers in the region. Communications? Branding? What is this professional photographer talking about? With a professional headshot photo you are selling YOU! You are communicating your professionalism. You are helping people to fulfill the most basic form of human connection: seeing you as a real person. Not just some words in an email or the voice on a scratchy cell phone call. ..Don’t go this route alone. A cell phone snap or worst of all a poorly lit and funny colored view looking up your nose from a laptop’s built in camera isn’t a very professional presentation of yourself...Today, everyone needs a professional business headshot. As a Saratoga Springs headshot photographer I offer different styles of business headshot which will fit the needs of the traditional executive or the cutting edge professional. There are so many places you can use a professional business headshot to help build your "personal brand". Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites allow you to post a business headshot photo as your avatar. This is often the first place professional contacts will be made. You don’t want for the first time a potential employer, a colleague or maybe a sales prospect sees you where you show them an amateurish or muddy photo. How is that selfie or snapshot from your built in camera on your laptop that’s all funky-colored ,or was too casual, going to help people see you as professional? If you don’t have a professional photo taken by the best Saratoga Springs headshot photographer well you just aren’t putting a professional image forward...Often people see a headshot as something than an actor or model uses. Those are different types of photos and as a professional executive you shouldn’t be put off that a business headshot isn’t for you. We’re not going to create a photo that helps you land a role. We’re going to create a photo that helps show who you are! And by doing that we’re going to communicate your confidence, experience, and a bit of your personality too...We can make a super traditional and "classic" headshot for you. That involves a very specific style of lighting and posing. Perhaps you want something more relaxed and a bit more stylized. We can make a headshot photo for you that looks like it’s more natural and relaxed. And maybe you want something more cutting edge, with more aggressive lighting...As a Saratoga headshot photographer, I can guide you in making this decision regardless of whether we are taking only a few photos at your business or we are doing volume headshot photography in Saratoga of hundreds of people. So how about we speak about your exact needs? Let’s make a great, professional, image for you and for your company! Get in touch with me today..

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.