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Conference photographer Albany NY

In your search for a conference photographer in Albany NY are you running across too many listings of photographers who don’t really show a lot of the specialized images of the sort of work you are looking for?

Have you seen too many people who don’t really show the type of photography that you need for your convention, conference, meeting or corporate event in Albany?

Are you seeing too much of a one size fits all offering from most photographers? You have seen the type who offers all sorts of different styles of photography that make you wonder if their business model is to be the general store of photography offering anything and everything, hoping that someone will cross their path and give them work.

Are you primarily seeing people who offer social and life-moment types of photography for consumers? But still list on their websites that they do convention, conference and meeting photography?

Do you have not much of a clue in what you are looking for or how to make all this happen, so you’re looking for an experienced specialist who can guide and help direct you with the right ideas, the right questions and has the right skills to get this done for you?

Well you’ve found one of the best conference photographers in Albany NY

With a couple of decades of experience as a business photography specialist, I work most often for:

  • Corporate communications departments
  • Various trade publications
  • Business publication groups
  • Advertising agencies
  • Public relations agencies
  • Lobbying groups
  • Industry associations

A unique specialty aspect of my Albany event photography

Albany is the state capital of New York. And I’ve spent a lot of time in the Capitol building.

Are you having an awareness-building event? A lobbying effort? An advocacy day? Trying to get a law enacted or changed? Looking for funding for a public project or a public-private partnership?

Well I’ve covered everything from protests to presentations. Intimate events with industry representatives and lawmakers. Small sessions with groups advocating directly with law and policy-makers discussing an issue face to face. This has involved state senators, assemblymen, house leadership and committee members in meetings or in the madness right outside of the assembly chamber during legislative session.

And I’ve covered these sorts of events from the “other” side of a group coming to Albany to raise awareness of their causes and petition for new or changed laws or programs. I’ve been in the legislative office building as a couple of leading industry executives spoke with a legislator. I’ve been in panel discussions. I’ve been part of a mass of parents lobbying for school funding reform. I’ve covered the State of the State speech by the governor multiple times.

These sorts of assignments aren’t often thought of as conference or event photography. But the skills and requirements are often very similar.

My service region as a corporate event photographer in Albany:

The beauty of being in Albany is that I’m centrally located with outstanding easy access to much of New York State and western New England.

I’ve covered events that are a couple hours long or ones that span multiple days in

  • Albany
  • Lake Placid
  • Troy
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Cooperstown
  • Glens Falls
  • Schenectady
  • Oneonta
  • Syracuse
  • Latham
  • Binghamton
  • Bolton Landing
  • Lake George
  • The Berkshires
  • Utica
  • Rochester
  • Buffalo
  • Niagara Falls

Bringing my planning skills to bear, I can also travel anywhere in the country and help create successful event photography for you anywhere.

I’ve done so in:

  • Atlanta
  • New Orleans
  • Albuquerque
  • Raleigh
  • Myrtle Beach

My years of experience means I know how to think through your event, give you the ideas ind input you need, provide a seamless “paperwork” experience and create the great photos in a professional manner that you need from your event.

A case study of this Corporate Conference Photography

Speakers on stage or at a podium are typical parts of any business meeting photography that I am hired to do. Covering myriad speakers and presentations, whether they are in a small breakout session or in a large ballroom with hundreds of people is a foundation of convention, conference and event photography. I’ve covered speaker in all sorts of events ranging from “casual Friday” sorts of presentations to full on Saturday night black-tie keynote events.

And I know how to, and have the equipment to, get into good positions where I can create great compositions like this one. Instead of taking a low angle photo that shows a person hidden behind a podium with a microphone sticking in front of their faces.

In all of the events, whether casual or ultimate level formality, I know how to get the photos you need of your staff, management, presenters and distinguished guests without getting in the way or being a distraction. That comes from my years of formerly working as a full time news photojournalist.

These sorts of skills transfer over to covering an awards type of presentation or ceremony. I look for the great images that happen spontaneously as well as know how to make the clean and well composed images of groups or individuals who have received an honor or an award. And I can do it very quickly so that the flow of your event isn’t disrupted. Rather, the taking of a formal photo, quickly, adds a little bit of weight, dignity or sense of importance to the moment for your recipients as well as the audience.

How to find an Albany meeting photographer that you’ll love

Well Just Click Here

And give me a little info about what you’re looking for or what your event is all about. I’ll be happy to get in contact to speak or email a little to share my experience with you to help you plan your event and give you options for the type of coverage you might need.

Know pretty much what you’re looking for? Do you need to get quotes, quickly, to satisfy your planning requirements? Get me the info! I’ll have a quote in your hands quick enough to make you look good to whomever you’re responsible to. Or, that quick-quote will help you get on with your planning without playing 20 questions with an inexperienced photographer.

Let’s speak soon!


Location: Albany, NY.