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Ecommerce photographer Schenectady

You’re invited to take a look at samples of my work done as an ecommerce photographer Schenectady

Looking for a Schenectady product photographer or a Schenectady ecommerce photographer is what has most likely brought you here to my site.

Working for years as a Schenectady business photographer, I often photograph products, components, supplies, pieces, parts and … the things companies sell. Sometimes those sales are aimed at the consumer market. Often those marketing efforts are aimed at other businesses. Many companies don’t really sell to consumers. Instead their primary focus is on selling their products to other businesses. Those businesses may then use these items as an intermediate component of making their own products for sale.

And I create great photos of those products!

Some background on this image created by a Schenectady ecommerce photographer

The client’s brief was very straightforward and was one that I’m commonly hired to do. Photograph the inventory of products that this manufacturer of intermediate products (which has a very specific niche expertise and long history in manufacturing) sells to other industries and businesses.

Developing a lighting scheme to reflect the company’s desire for bright, contrasty, clear and crisp images was the first task. Which was easy for me as I have spent years working with all types of lighting from hard and directional which mimics sunlight, to soft and even which is friendly for portraits and people.

You need a Schenectady photographer who can manage the project end to end

Yes, everything is digital today. But the only thing that produces a finished product at the touch of a button is … a toaster.

A successful project requires pre planning and pre production.

The expectations are outlined and listed for all to have input and to give creative as well as logistical direction.

Those directions and goals are turned not a workable plan by me for producing the images.

I develop the lighting style and look, based on the client needs.

After image capture, the images are shepherded through the post production process which includes retouching done by me. Or in the case of more complex retouching needs, I manage the outsourcing to a professional retouching artist who completes the work needed to realize the client’s vision.

That all requires expert experience to create finished images like this one. Just pushing the button on a digital camera sone one of many steps needed to bring photos like this to life.

The area that I serve as a Schenectady professional product photographer includes:

  • Schenectady
  • Albany
  • Troy
  • Amsterdam
  • Gloversville
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Glens Falls

Let’s talk about the product photography project you are thinking about

Here’s The Link To Get In Touch With me

If you’d like you can give me a call at 1 (518) 843-0414 and we can talk about your project right away.

Even if you’re in the very early stages and are just gathering information at this point, I would enjoy hearing from you. I always love to be involved early on where I can use my experience to help guide clients with the right questions and ideas so they can clarify exactly what it is they want and need. And don’t be afraid to call today even if your project might not get off the ground until next year. Never too early to plan!

Let me help you create some great photos of your products.


Location: Schenectady, NY.