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Headshot photographer Albany NY

In your search for a headshot photographer in Albany NY you should be looking at many different factors.

Before anything else, you want a capital district headshot photographer who shows on their website and in their portfolio actual examples of many different styles of this sort of business related photography. And you want a photographer who specializes in headshots for businesses, not in a million different types of social and consumer photography that mainly centers on life events.

Looking for the Best Albany NY Headshot photographer?

Look for a photographer that offers different styles of headshots. You didn’t know there were different styles? Let’s go through some styles of headshot photography:

There is the classic business headshot. It is usually taken in a very familiar way that involves using several lights and a plain backdrop. Some people may want and some businesses may need exactly that classic look as it reflects a more conservative and traditional message, and offer a low-fuss a flattering appearance to many different facial structures and ages.

There is a more natural looking style. It can involve a more natural appearing type of lighting, like something you would see in an office coming from a window. Or maybe something that represents a softer flatter style of lighting like you would have inside interior offices. Despite this style of headshot looking natural and “real” it is often very controlled and very carefully lit to make it look so … uncontrolled and unlit. It’s not a style that can be accomplished by running quickly around an office just snapping away. The intensely un-produced look requires time and skill to make it look so natural.

Then there is the stylized or unique looking style. Other companies or individuals want something much more stylized or different than anyone else. They might want a style of lighting that is just plain different, or mimics a particular feel, like bright sunlight or soft window light or a late-day angled light. You may want a different cropping or a different type of background. This stylized look is what you see in this composite image showing three headshots from a company. They wanted a warmer, directional style of light that was a bit harder, more edgy. It speaks to a more youthful mindset. It feels bright and open. It really lights up expression and emotion.

So you need a photographer who can offer several custom headshot styles for you to choose from. Whether you want a single person's photo or an entire company photographed, having an experienced Albany photographer will help your project go smoothly. And you will be able to choose a type of headshot photography that fits with the image of your company.

What is a business headshot in Albany?

Let’s clarify what a headshot is:

A business headshot is a photo that shows “head and shoulders” usually against a plain background. It is generally taken with an efficient use of time and low to modest cost as the two primary goals. The photo may have to meet specific design criteria of a home/corporate office. It is almost always done with a portable studio on location at a client’s offices. It’s a nice representation of what the person looks like that hopefully conveys personality or at the very least does a great job of making a great first impression.

What an Albany business headshot isn’t:

  • A photo that shows a more natural background or incorporates some of the company environment into the photo. That is an environmental portrait. It is a level up from headshots in terms of complexity, time commitment and/or cost.
  • A photo that incorporates logos, architecture or lots of the environment (indoors or out) into the photo. That too is an environmental portrait at a higher level.
  • A photo using complex lighting that enhances facial structure, enhances assets such as eye color. Emphasizes the ideal angle for each specific person. Reveals personality strength, competence, approachability. That is branding imagery.
  • Any actor or public-personality photos. Those are branding images designed to sell the person’s attributes or personality or “qualities”.
  • Any photo of company executives. Those are executive portraits and you generally don’t want top leadership photographed in exactly the same way as the general staff of a company. Even if they are photographed in a head-and-shoulders fashion, often much more effort is put into their photos including light hair and makeup services, specific attention to lighting for their facial structure, and advance consultation over and planning for these factors.

So remember, the hierarchy of photos of people goes:

  • Headshot
  • Environmental portrait
  • Executive portrait
  • Branding imagery

Finding a top Albany headshot Photographer

Searching online, I’m sure you've been inundated with listings in your web search where you find one of two things:

One- Photographers who specialize in social event photography for consumers.

Two- Photographers who list many, many different types of photography services that they claim to offer. I like to joke that some of them might as well offer live bait and snow plowing too.

To be a top headshot photographer, you have to have a focus on business headshots as one of only two or three photographic specialities you offer. And the other specialties should all be related to serving businesses and publications.

But you've found one of the best Albany corporate and editorial photographers!

With decades of experience working for businesses, agencies and publications, I can get a couple of your employees photographed quickly and effortlessly. Or I can set up a system where we can photograph an entire company with many people. Even if that has to happen over different days or different months

Need convention or meeting headshot photography in Albany NY?

Occasionally, there is a convention or meeting where a company has all of its key people in one place. As the best Albany headshot photographer, I can set up a system where we can photograph all of your people during a busy meeting or convention.

And, the key to all of this is that I come to you! You don't have to take your staff out of the office for a long period of time to have their photo taken. I come to you!

With decades of experience as a full time corporate, editorial and annual report photographer I have the ability and skills to create a studio look anywhere.

Talk to the top Albany NY corporate photographer!

Get in touch with me to get great Albany headshots, Cooperstown headshots, Utica headshots or Saratoga Springs headshots. I also do headshots in Glens Falls, Lake Placid and anywhere else you may need!

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