Annual Report Photographer Albany NY
Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Photographer

Annual Report Photographer Albany NY

My work as an annual report photographer Albany NY has taken me into a wide variety of locations covering a wide variety of subjects.

The Best Annual Report Photographer Albany NY

To become a top Albany annual report photographer, a person needs a varied and deep background working across many different photographic disciplines. Starting my career as a full time news photojournalist exposed me to the need to be able to work fast. It also taught me how to enter an unfamiliar scene and to see the technical challenges, fast. And to be able to respond to them, fast.

What You Want From Your Annual Report Photographer

You want a generalized specialist. OK, that doesn’t mean that you need to find photographers who list on their websites that they photograph families, corporate, advertising, aerial and weddings. And offer seal coating of driveways and stump grinding too. Bonus if they sell live bait…

What you want in the photographer who will help you complete your annual report photography or corporate photography project is:

  • A definite clear style that you can see across all of their images. If you want light and bright, then hire somebody who does that. If you want directional dramatic lighting hire someone who does that. Are you looking for still life in the studio? Or portraits of line workers out in the field? Then hire somebody who shows you those sorts of photos.
  • Skills. Do they show images that give you a sense they controlled the situation, adding lighting, surmounting technical nightmares or responding with agility to beautiful natural conditions? This is what I mean by a ‘generalized specialist’. Somebody with skills across a wide range. After all, you’ll be asking them to work under widely variable conditions with a wide variety of challenges.
  • Lighting skills. Photographers today need to know how to light and how to light well. Period. Full stop. They need to be able to bring supplemental lighting into difficult settings to make the images you need. They need to be able to add interpretive lighting for effect or emotion. They need to be able to create a studio-like setup out in the wild.

Some Insight Into This Annual Report Photography Assignment in Albany

As usual, this was a challenging annual report photography assignment because of time. The client didn’t have the budget to provide for tons of photography time. But there were a lot of areas to cover. The subjects being photographed are already volunteers. And they were volunteering still more … of their time. So we didn’t have them for hours on end.

The location was a typical firehouse’s garage. Neat, organized but a fluorescent lit garage. With vehicles that could be called into service at any second. And they were…

I made a long exposure to capture the emergency lights on the back of the rescue vehicle. I liked the attention they would command in the image and the way they would suggest the urgent nature of the work these folks do. SO I chose them as my background.

Working with some supplemental lighting, I illuminated my subject in a portrait style. I liked the contrast between the natural environmental lighting of the emergency lights combined with the direction and stillness/formality of the supplemental light I added.

Capturing portraits is such a big part of being an annual report photographer. And sometimes they have to be done on the fly with a minimum of fuss. Just seeing a good setting and knowing how to bring it together quickly into an arresting image is what you want.

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Often I ask questions that potential clients marvel that they would have never thought of. Ain an annual report photographer in Albany, that’s what I bring to my clients. The experience to know what to ask, what to wonder about, what to plan for…

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