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Albany New York Business Headshot and Portrait Photographer

A professional business portrait, otherwise referred to as a headshot, is an important asset for anyone who has a job or runs a business. It is the first line of communication with clients, employees and customers and is your first chance to make a first impression. These photos can also be executive group photos or staff group photos. Regardless of wether it is a single person or groups of people, you need a professional image to represent you to the business world. We're social, as human beings, and knowing who you are working with can make the interaction seem so much more personal and connected, as opposed to dealing with an anonymous voice on the phone or the cold words in an email. I have executed headshot assignments which involved photographing a few executives at a company as well as larger projects where I photographed hundreds of employees over several days on different shifts.

Executive Portrait Photographer Albany New York

Do you need a photo of yourself for business uses? Or perhaps the executives in your firm all photographed in a similar fashion for use on a web site or in some advertising? Then give me a call. A set of consistent executive portraits presents an air of professionalism for your company and provides an easy reference for your potential clients and customers. In larger companies, headshots can also help facilitate employee communications when each person can put a face on the person they are talking to.

Environmental Portrait Photographer

Taking the basic headshot to a higher level is the environmental portrait. This is a photo showing a person in their normal or natural surroundings and communicates something about the person's responsibilities and hopefully conveys a part of the person's personality to the viewer. Often these can be referred to as executive portraits as they are a common type of photo I take as an annual report photographer in New York. I have taken thousands of these portraits, whether just a headshot or something more polished such as an environmental portrait. These headshot and environmental portrait assignments have taken me to Albany, Saratoga Springs, Cooperstown, Schenectady, Lake Placid Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck. I have also done these sorts of photos while working as a meeting and executive conference photographer nationwide. Looking for a headshot, executive portrait or environmental portrait photographer? Then CONTACT MITCH TODAY and we can go over the details and talk about what you need to accomplish.

advertising photographer albany ny

Albany New York advertising photographer..This portrait of a brewmaster in the F. X. Matt brewery, which today is the Saranac brewery, in Utica New York was taken for an advertising campaign. Working as an advertising photographer in Albany New York as well as upstate New York and the Utica New York area, I have been commissioned to photograph many different types of subjects. These subjects can range from executive portrait photography, to environmental portraiture, to businesses in operation, to industrial photography...If you are looking for a photographer in Albany New York or possibly a photographer in Syracuse New York I am available to photograph your project for advertising, an annual report, or any other subject where you might need a New York commercial photographer. This also includes my work for trade magazines and publications as an editorial photographer and photojournalist...Where I specialize as a professional photographer in New York is in environmental portraiture. An environmental portrait is one in which the subject is photographed in their usual surroundings. This could be an executive in an office setting, someone working outdoors, or a front line worker in a manufacturing setting. The goal of an environmental portrait is to show what the person does, Or on a deeper level to give you some insight into who they are...I particularly enjoy this type of photography as it gives me the opportunity to learn something about many different types of people in the hundreds And hundreds of different sorts of jobs people perform every day. I look forward to assignments where I may perform environmental portraiture in a manufacturing setting or one that involves outdoor photography period..Even though I am based in Albany New York I am willing to travel as an upstate photographer, and have worked as a photographer in Syracuse New York as well as an environmental portrait photographer in New York city..

Location: Saranac Brewery.