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Conference photography New York

I am a professional New York conference photographer. This type of photography has a wide range of descriptions, depending upon the type of event being staged. I am often referred to as a New York event photographer or someone who performs convention photography in New York. There are times where this type of photography is referred to as corporate event photography. If you're looking for an event photographer you have come to the right place. The types of events I'm often commissioned to cover which require New York conference photography include business meetings, corporate gatherings, product launches, awards and recognition events as well as training sessions. I have performed this type of meeting photography in Albany, New York, the Hudson Valley, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Nashville, Chicago, Washington, Houston, and many other cities throughout the country. I also cover an area that is colloquially referred to as upstate New York.

Albany Conference Photographer

Often a business is gathering their entire staff or a subset of their employees for training sessions, awards nights, speakers on stage doing presentations, education and training sessions, strategy presentations, and product launches. Many times this type of an event requires a photojournalist approach, covering the event unobtrusively. I'm very experienced having worked decades as a news photographer so I can capture spontaneous moments emotions and congratulations, then quickly perform conference group photography so that you can recognize groups of employees or award winners.

My decades of experience as a photojournalist as well as my many years of experience as a commercial and corporate photographer have give me the wide skill set needed to perform conference and meeting photography. Sometimes at these events you require photojournalistic documentation of certain events or presentations. At other times you will need a photographer who can handle speakers on stage and presentations being made to a large audience without disrupting what is going on. Still other times you may require somebody who can move quickly performing stage photographs such as awards recipients being congratulated on stage where you may need spontaneous images of them reacting to receiving an award as well as a quick staged small group photograph with a presenter. I can execute these images in seconds. Finally, you may require a convention photographer who can execute formal photos. This could mean taking a large group photographs at a meeting, or smaller formal portraits of two or three people, or even congratulatory photographs of special people with dignitaries. I can execute these images quickly and efficiently at a high level of quality.

New York Meeting and Convention Photographer

From my home base as an upstate meeting and convention photographer in New York I am able to handle a wide range of events from a large area. And with my experience and having traveled to be a corporate event photographer in many locations around the country, I can handle your event regardless of where it's located. If you need a professional meeting photographer let's talk about what your conference will involve. I'm also experienced at delivering images to your attendees quickly as well as providing images rapidly from an event that can be used for media, Press, or social media distribution.

Let's talk about how we can create dynamic and engaging photographs from your event that helped put a face on your business and connect you with your employees and customers. Just CONTACT ME TODAY and you can talk to the best New York conference photographer for your project.

convention photographer new york

Need a New York meeting photographer? I have years of experience as a New York meeting photographer working for business clients as their business photographer in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Syracuse, Binghamton and Buffalo. Wether you need a speech photographer or a presentation photographer for you business event coverage, I can help you with your needs. From a speaker at a podium to events at your gathering or meeting, I can cover it all for you.

Location: LaGrange, GA.