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New York commercial photographer

Welcome to my website and blog. I hope you will find some useful information about my New York corporate and editorial photography work. If you're searching for an Albany NY photographer or need an upstate NY photographer you've come to the right place. I specialize in many different types of professional photography. This includes corporate photography, editorial photography which is also known as photojournalism where I work as a photojournalist, head shots and executive portraits, work that I do as an annual report photographer, and convention or conference photography.

I cover a wide range of territory and will travel nationwide for any assignments you may require. My work in the past has taken me as a photographer throughout the Northeast in the United States including Albany, the Hudson River Valley, New York, Lake Placid, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester and Buffalo. Nationally I have worked as a commercial photographer in Harrisburg, Raleigh, Atlanta, Dallas, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New Orleans as well as many other locations throughout the country.

As an Albany NY photographer

I perform corporate, editorial, Location, business event and other photography in Cooperstown, Saratoga Springs, Lake Placid, and Binghamton. Working on many different types of assignments for many different clients means that I perform photography ranging from documentary to medical to environmental portraiture to executive portraiture and even advertising photography. My decades of experience as an Albany professional photographer give me the skills to handle a wide variety of assignments whether you need executive portraiture, event photography, or annual report photography. I have the skills and experience needed to handle these sorts of assignments for you.

As a New York commercial photographer I work often as an annual report photographer and as a business photographer. This type of work means that I work for high tech companies as well as familiar businesses doing business photography for their internal and external communications needs as well as media distribution photographs. Often I work as an industrial photographer or a construction photographer as well. Sometimes this type of work is referred to as corporate photography and as a New York corporate photographer I have covered assignments for very large and very small businesses.

Often I will be commissioned to produce what is referred to as conference photography. As an Albany photographer I am well placed in the state to attend many different types of functions where you might require convention photography or what is also referred to as corporate event photography. These types of events are where a business or institution gathers large numbers of people together and may require executive portraiture, event coverage, awards photography, or other types of photography that a large and complex business event may require.

As a New York editorial photographer in Albany I have covered a wide range of publication photography assignments. This work can also be referred to as what a photojournalist in Albany does. I have completed assignments for trade magazine use as well as for newspapers and other publications. This type of photography requires me to work as more of a documentary photographer where I am observing an event unfolding and responding to what I see in front of me. However, this sort of skill can be combined with my work as a commercial photographer in Albany, allowing me to produce very high quality images that look spontaneous for advertising, corporate, and public relations needs.

As a

New York executive portrait photographer I have taken photographs of business people and executives all over the state. Often referred to as something a business headshot photographer or corporate headshot photographer in New York would do this type of photography refers to creating a formal business portrait of a person. I also do a lot of environmental portraiture which means taking a photograph of a person in there familiar or customary surroundings. This is different from a corporate headshot photographer in New York where a single background is often set up ,or chosen, and large numbers of employees head shots are then taken.

I work often in many different cities throughout New York State including Cooperstown , Binghamton, Lake Placid, as well as an Albany photographer. Whether you need business, editorial or conference photography in any of these locations, please give me a call so we may discuss your project.