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Albany NY Editorial Photographer

With decades of experience, thousands of assignments completed and a diverse skill set, you have come to the right place to talk with one of the top Albany editorial photographers. Editorial photography can also be referred to as publication photography or photojournalism. Indeed, my career began as a New York photojournalist working for daily newspapers and wire services. So I have been field-tested by thousands of assignments for diverse clients all over the world.

However, not all assignments require the full, pure, hands-off approach of a photojournalist or documentary editorial photographer, though I am completely capable of working to the highest ethical standards to which all photojournalists must adhere.

Often, a trade publication or consumer based editorial publication will require a hybrid-sort of editorial photographer, one who can find the story, find the potential in a situation then can create a great image from what's at hand. And working all over upstate New York on all kinds of assignments, I have the ability to find a great situation, maybe involve some lighting or other adjustments, then make a great image which is grounded in reality for your publication. And through my career, I have done exactly that for thousands of assignments for many years for hundreds of publications. I bring the images home for you.

Albany Cooperstown Saratoga Springs Photographer

Looking for an upstate New York photographer who can handle a variety of assignments for you? Need an experienced New York state photographer? Regardless of the type of publication you work for, I can produce the compelling images under challenging circumstances and conditions for you. Wether you need a portrait of a business person for a magazine or coverage of a specific industry for a trade publication or straight journalistic coverage of an uncontrolled news event, give me a call and we'll talk about how I can help.

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Event photographer Albany NY

Event photographer Albany NY...A firefighter unfurls a giant American flag at an Albany New York event honoring the fallen firefighters who died or were killed in the line of duty. Prior to the event, firemen and other officials placed large American flags around the Empire State Plaza in recognition of the solemn event. Working as an event photographer in Albany New York means that I am covering events occasionally as a news photojournalist in Albany would. These sorts of events that I cover include presentations, speeches, conventions, News conferences, Press conferences, public relations events, meetings, Protests, and many other sorts of Albany events that require a photographer...With many years of experience as a New York photojournalist I am always able to create a wide variety of images from any Albany New York event that may require a photographer. I personally enjoy creating bold and graphic images that help grab your viewers attention. This image was a completely spontaneous photograph that was made without any interference or involvement by me personally. I saw the firefighters Bring a large American flag for the ceremony, and waited for them to begin hanging yet from the buckets of two fire trucks outside of the New York state capital building. Once the process began, the flag needed to be adjusted so that it hung correctly as it was raised in the air...If you need an event photographer in Albany New York to cover something that is happening for a newspaper, a magazine, a trade publication, public relations uses, or your marketing efforts please give me a call. I am experienced as a New York photojournalist and I'm able to turnaround photographs from an event very quickly so that you may use them for social media, public relations, or media distribution uses. By adding additional staff at your event it can be covered with real-time photography for you. Images can be posted online to a social media feed or to your webpage almost instantaneously as they are shot. This will of course require additional staff to handle these tasks while I am shooting.