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Atlanta Corporate Event Photography


corporate event photography atlanta

Employees meet at a site visit during a corporate meeting. I provide business meeting photography anywhere.


The images from this event were done for an Atlanta-based corporation. My assignment was to photograph all aspects of a multi day gathering of a corporation’s worldwide sales and marketing staff at the Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. The photographs of employees and staff at the actual event were used daily on large projection screens in front of the main meeting room as visual aids as well as morale and team-building tools. Arriving early, I provided scenics of the resort so that images linked to the attendees experience were ready for arriving participants.


The Brief:
Photograph executive speakers, presentations, meetings, breakout sessions, motivational speakers, an awards night, recreational activities and team building exercises. I took this brief further, looking for genuine moments of interaction (seen above) and participant emotion, while integrating company branding, to create authentic images resulting in a connection between the participants and the images and by extension, the company.








New York Corporate Event Photography


corporate event photography new york

As your New York Corporate Event photographer and business meeting photographer, I’ll cover everything.


The images from this event were taken for a New York based member cooperative. I was assigned to photograph their day-long annual meeting in the central New York area. The photos from the meeting would be used for industry trade distribution, public relations distribution, member communications and as archive material of the executives which could be drawn on over time to use with reports, newsletters, web commutations and similar uses.


The Brief:

Photograph speakers, presentations, awards, a small trade show and candid interactions when possible of members and executives of the cooperative. I worked to include branding and signage from the organizations involved whenever possible as brand and identity reinforcement. As a side note: many of the images you see displayed on the screens with speakers and in signage throughout are my images which were executed during earlier Library Shoot Days for the client.