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Schenectady editorial photographer

I’m the person you need if you have an assignment that requires a Schenectady editorial photographer

With a broad skill set in creating images of people, places, events and life as it unfolds on a farm or in a board room, I can make the kinds of images you need for your editorial publication, trade magazine or consumer magazine. With decades of handling assignments for large and small news publications as well as creating images for short-run trade magazines to large consumer publications, I can handle the photo sessions out in the “wild” that require great planning, the soft skills that help get the assignment scheduled and completed smoothy and the technical skills to produce images from any environment that give you the material to create a great cover story or quick back-of-the-book piece.

I’ll get it done on time and with no hassle. You’ll have my questions up-front. You’ll be kept apprised of the scheduling and shoot execution. And you’ll get lots of proofs to choose your final images from

Here’s a little more info about this typical assignment completed by me as a Schenectady editorial photographer

A business trade magazine needed a selection of environmental portraits to use for a bio-type of piece that is run every month featuring younger members of a specific industry. Looking at past examples, I distilled down that there was the requirement that the image could be cropped into a half page vertical and needed the subject camera-aware. They also used friendly, approachable, engaged images. There needed to be a little background as a plain wall just didn’t fit their style.

The environment was typical. While the business is located in a nice building, everyone has smaller offices to themselves. Working with the subject ahead of time, we secured a conference table . in the boss’ office… He was going to be away and with advance planning we were able to secure the se of the space. Further, working with the subject we mad it happen that we could get some of his relevant work up on the screen behind him. Bringing in his laptop and working with him to create a relaxed pose completed the raw material for the image. I ran through several adjustments to the pose, keeping a running conversation going to help the subject feel less self conscious.

And I think it worked out quite well. He was reasonable relaxed. And I was able to get in, unpack, do the shoot, pack back up and leave the place as I found it with only a couple hours on site. No disruption to the boss as we were done and wrapping up before he was back. And minimal disruption to our subjects workday as he still had . work to do!

Some of the areas that I work in often as a Schenectady NY editorial photographer:

  • Albany
  • Schenectady
  • Troy
  • Latham
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Glens Falls
  • Pittsfield
  • Manchester
  • Utica
  • Syracuse
  • Binghamton
  • Lake Placid
  • Plattsburgh

So much territory is within an easy hour or two drive from my centrally located home base as a photographer in Schenectady NY. Also since I’m in close proximity to the New York State Capitol I can handle assignments in Albany or at the Capitol easily.

And halfway through the year, I’ve already been end to end on the New York State Thruway from Albany to Buffalo, from Plattsburgh by the Canadian border down to New York City. And halfway across Long Island. I’ll probably make it the rest of the way. We still have half a year to go!

How about we speak about what you need that I can handle as a Schenectady editorial photographer?

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We can go over your ideas . We can take a top-line overview of your project. I’ll help with some questions that will give you some insight into what it will take to execute your project successfully. Or my questions will help clarify what , in the first place, it is that you need to have an assignment that goes smoothly which produces the photos you expect and need.

Please call me at 1 (518) 843-0414 if you would prefer to personally speak with me about your project.

Put one of the best Schenectady editorial photographers to work for you.

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