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Schenectady Corporate Photographer

Let me put my decades of experience as a Schenectady corporate photographer to work for you.

You need a corporate photographer in Schenectady who can handle the pre planning aspects of a shoot. One who can carry through with a solid plan for the shoot day and deliver great images on time that meet your needs.

Great images aren’t the result of camera operation skills. Great images happen because of thorough planning, asking the right questions, thinking through a shoot and applying creative problem solving before a camera ever comes out of a case.

What you want from a corporate photographer in Schenectady

When you are looking for a photographer to document part of your business or create images that will be used in visual communications and advertising there are several areas that you want to consider:

Pre planning skills. As an experienced photographer, I can help you think through the logistics of a shoot. Whether it’s planning travel times or figuring out what questions to ask of an unfamiliar manufacturing operation, I can help you home in on how and when the best images can be made.

Strong visual skills. Decades as a full time photographer, many of those years exclusively serving business and industry, have sharpened my visual skills. I can see the great images in any situation. Some of them will be right before my eyes. Some of them will need to be dragged into existence, fighting all the way. You need a photographer who can visualize before we even get out into the field. And one who can further use that vision while in the field to make beautiful images that communicate your message.

Specialist experience. The departments and types of companies that I often work for include:

  • Marketing Departments
  • Public relations companies
  • Corporate communications departments
  • Advertising agencies
As you look around my web site and blog, you won’t see babies and high school seniors. Weddings and landscapes. That’s because I’m a field-tested business photography specialist.

Professional follow through. Mine is a real business dedicated to getting you great images and smoothly handling the myriad unglamorous tasks which are required to get me to the shoot and follow up afterwards until the photos are delivered and the billing is accurate, timely and complete.

Looking for one of the best Schenectady corporate photographers?

As a former news photographer, I built my people and technical skills while working under harsh and unpredictable conditions. As a corporate photographer for many years, I have enhanced those skills so that I’m able to respond to a variety of challenges, before and during a shoot, to ensure that you get images that exceed your expectations.

This can be done as a solo photographer working quickly and with agility. Or it can be done by assembling the team of personnel, negotiating the permits, and visualizing a shoot to ensure everything goes smoothly, well before we ever get on location.

You’ve found the specialist for this sort of work who will fit into your professional environment and will create outstanding images.

Contact the best Schenectady corporate photographer today

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Even if your project is in a very early formative stage, please reach out to me today. It’s great when I can be involved early in a project as I can offer experience and insight which will help you formulate ideas and make plans to make some great images happen.

Location: Schenectady, NY.