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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Saratoga Springs NY headshot photographer

Are you in the market for one of the best Saratoga Springs NY headshot photographers? Well then you need to take a look through my portfolio of headshots and executive portraits to see the style of work that I create.

Your image is your personal brand. Your identity. Does the photograph you are currently using of yourself, or does the style of images from another photographer you may be considering, convey an image of polished professionalism? Of approachability? Of confidence and competence?

Don’t go this route alone. A cell phone snap or worst of all a poorly lit and funny colored view looking up your nose from a laptop’s built in camera isn’t a very professional presentation of yourself. And please don’t crop yourself out of a vacation/casual snap and use it professionally.

It’s so true, that we make up our minds about other people within seconds of seeing them. And this decision making process happens in a part of the brain that doesn’t have any “language”.

So somebody isn’t looking at you and thinking “wow, I don’t want to do business with somebody who looks weird because their shirt is wrinkled, they aren’t standing up straight and they look funny because the are shown in funny colored lighting.” Instead that part of the brain communicates a “gut feeling” that something is wrong, something is off, something is a threat … and you withdraw from that person.

Now you might find out later that they are the kindest, greatest team player who is a wizard with numbers. But you might not if potential clients or co workers are scared away by that first impression.

Some info about a different Saratoga Springs NY headshot photographer

My work is focused on working for businesses , institutions and publications that cater to the business world. I’m all business and all about business.

Business is the direction my work is focused as a professional photographer in Saratoga NY. Look through my website, blog and portfolios. There aren’t images of kids or couples. That’s because my work doesn’t cater to people looking for personal photography that centers around portraits, social events or life-milestones that the general public wants. The types of photography that consumers want isn’t something that I focus on.

And you don’t want a photographer who primarily focuses on that sort of consumer photography. But is suggesting that they can do this specific sort of business related photography “too”. Or that they are “getting into it”. That’s just code speak for their business declining in those consumer areas they used to focus on so they are looking for new ways to bring in revenue.

You want the person like me who has worked on factory floors and in board rooms. Someone like me who has to their credit years of experience photographing the core of many different types of companies work force. And also has hundreds of assignments to his credit in photographing the top executives of companies, institutions and organizations.

In short, you need the type of experienced photographer that understands the business-image and how a professional needs to look as opposed to someone who will make a nice photo for you except will ultimately make a more personal consumer oriented image.

Besides the well developed image making skills that communicate the right message for a professional business headshot, I bring the people skills to any job I’m commissioned to photograph. You need a photographer who can home in on a person’s personality. Their best look. A photographer who can discover that way of making your employee or member of management look good, quickly. And can translate it into a compelling business headshot, quickly and comfortably.

Your company’s image or your staff’s image is conveyed with a well photographed head shot. Make it polished and professional.

And that brings up another specialty. You may have specifications that come out of a main or central office. Those specs may be geared to making sure that your company’s identity remains consistent across all of your offices, perhaps all across the country. That the brand, the way you look remains consistent. I’m experienced at handling and following specific requests or sets of specifications that come from a central office or design firm.

Areas I work in as a headshot photographer in Saratoga NY

I am based isn the capital district of New York state. That means I will often be hired to do headshots in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Latham, Pittsfield or Manchester VT.

With my great central location, my access is great to so much of New York State and western New England. Ive traveled with advance arrangement for clients to do headshots in Utica, Binghamton, Oneonta, Cooperstown, Syracuse, Rochester, Lake Placid, Plattsburgh, North Adams, Springfield.

Let’s talk about the project you need completed. I’m always traveling to different companies to add one headshot of a newly hired staff member to the roster of already completed headshots I have taken for that company. And I’m always adding new clients, photographing the entire team at a specific location.

Connect with a great Saratoga NY headshot photographer

It would be great to talk with you about how I can help you meet your communications and branding goals as one of the most experienced Saratoga NY headshot photographers in the region. Communications? Branding? What is this professional photographer talking about? I’m taking about you selling -you-, you selling the brand that is all you have accomplished and can bring to a company or a client.

So let me give you some background, some ideas, some thoughts about how I can help your company.

You can contact me at this link

Or we can speak about your needs 1 (518) 843-0414

Let’s take a look at how a professional headshot of each of your staff or management members can help your company communicate its professionalism and competence.

I’m always happy to talk on an informal basis, even if you don’t have a job planned at this point. It’s great to get to know a potential client, to really understand their needs, to be able to help them be better at being … themselves.

I look forward to helping you.


Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.