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Do you need a Saratoga Springs NY corporate and editorial photographer? You’ve found one of the best who is a specialist in working for businesses and publications. You won’t find any photos on this website that were done for consumers. You won’t find photos that are geared to print sales after a life-milestone event is over.

My work is dedicated to serving the needs of businesses and their marketing departments, corporate communications departments as well as the types of advertising agencies who specialize in working with them. It is focused on giving businesses the visual communications assets they need to do business. Read on and I may even use acronyms like “B2B”.

My work as a corporate photographer in Saratoga Springs NY

Being a business photography specialist engenders some inherent contradictions.

I specialize in photography for businesses. But that means that I need a broad general skill set. There is the contradiction: being a specialist with a broad skill set.

Working as a corporate photographer means you have to have great portrait skills. Environmental portraits of staff and management, with people posing in an environment relevant to them or in an environment in which they actually work is a common type of assignment for me.

A subset of this is executive portraits which require a higher set of production skills and a more elevated application of production values to the final images. Some of this flows into the simpler higher-volume employee headshots which are always needed and are are often included in the types of assignments I handle.

Documentation of a company’s operations often takes place, where I work as more of a photojournalist. This type of assignment is always enjoyable it allows me to bring my skills to bear that I learned as a full time photojournalist in my past. However, a twist is that I’m often called upon to make photojournalistic appearing images that have a higher production value to them. This requires the research and planning abilities I have, which help me understand the “why” of what you do. Then I can bring my superior lighting and technical skills to bear to help create those real, or real-appearing, images for you.

And finally, I’m often contacted to work as an event photographer in Saratoga. Businesses may have public relations events where they need photos for media distribution and internal communications. They may have corporate events for their staff where photos are needed for newsletters and internal websites. These events always have a planned schedule with objectives determined in advance. And my job is to document it all either by literally documenting what happens or by working up a set of ideas (otherwise known as a treatment) that I think go and execute during the scheduled event.

So there are myriad types of assignments that I’m called upon to handle as a Saratoga corporate photographer.

A case study of this work I did as a heavy industry photographer

A New York state Canal Corporation maintenance worker walks across one of the dams on the Mohawk River as the Erie Canal section of the river is opened to boat traffic in the springtime. Working as a Saratoga Springs NY corporate photographer, lines, patterns and other graphical elements are always of interest to me. I use these graphical elements as well as repetition to try to create an image that engages the viewer. You want images that catch the viewers attention and communicates some information or a specific message about your business. The use of contrast, specifically in terms of the lack of contrast of the steel structure against the worker in bright safety clothing was the final piece that helped me create an image that is interesting to look at.

And you only have fractions of a second to catch a viewer’s eye. And another fraction to communicate your message. You need a corporate photographer in Saratoga NY who can see those images “in the wild”. And one who also knows how to create them out of thin air from the raw material or rough ideas that you have.

It is always important to me in my photography to have a human element. People love looking at what other people do. Working as a photographer in industrial situation such as this is very familiar to me. I have been in many heavy and light industrial settings and understand how to stay safe, work quickly, and bring back great images for your business communications photography needs. So hanging out on a high platform as river water rushes beneath, waiting for the worker to hit the right spot in my composition is something I’ve done hundreds of times. And I know how to work with the people who do this sort of work, keeping everyone safe, representing what they do accurately and engaging them into contributing to the creation of a great image. All while getting them back to work quickly.

I may be a Saratoga corporate photographer but my location is centrally located in NY state

Many of my corporate photography clients are spread out all over New York State and parts of the northeast. So I often work in Albany, Schenectady, Cooperstown, Utica, Syracuse, Binghamton and Rochester. I’ll travel often to Pennsylvania and Vermont too for assignments every year. My central location in the state means I have a huge portion of New York and western New England that is within a 2 hour drive from me.

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You need dramatic and well executed corporate photography for your website, for your social media uses as well as for your advertising and publication photography needs.

I have many years of experience as a full-time photographer. My career started as a full-time photojournalist for a newspaper three decades ago. Throughout these many years I have completed tens of thousands of assignments for a diverse range of businesses and publications.

Let me bring this experience to your next project.

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