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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Saratoga Springs NY conference photographer

Looking for a Saratoga Springs New York conference and event photographer? Do you need a business meeting photographer to cover a meeting or convention for your company that is happening in or near Saratoga NY?

Clients hire me to work as their awards photographer or to photograph presentations they are making. Sometimes they need a speech photographer to cover a talk someone is giving or the appearance of a local or national expert, official, dignitary or celebrity.

My work as a meeting photographer in all of New York includes covering events and conferences in:

  • Albany
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Troy
  • Lake Placid
  • Cooperstown
  • Syracuse
  • Schenectady
  • Oneonta
  • Syracuse
  • Latham
  • Rochester
  • Binghamton
  • Buffalo
  • Poughkeepsie

Need someone to be your Louisiana event photographer or your New Orleans event photographer? I’m the one! Perhaps you want an Atlanta event photographer or a Georgia event photographer. Maybe somewhere in North Carolina or New York City. I have traveled to those places as well to cover assignments for clients! I’ll capture, quickly and smoothly, the best business event photos then will bring back images like this of the emotion and fun at an event so that you have more images, and more captivating images, than you expected from your business event photography assignment.

If you need a Saratoga Springs NY conference photographer then hire me and relax!

I’m one of the most experienced convention photographers in Saratoga Springs NY. My work as a full time professional photographer who specializes in creating images for businesses has given me the ability to document, record and create great images from your event. And I have been doing this sort of work for a couple of decades. Full time.

You won’t get some guy wearing a lime green polo shirt with a logo at your event. You’ll get a full time business photography specialist who can make great images for your web uses and social media as well as ones that can be printed for the subjects or distributed to organizations that cover your industry. And you’ll get a photographer who works hard and creates a ton of visual assets from every event.

I’ve done this for a couple of decades so you don’t have to worry that some technical challenge (umm … Mitch … there are windows, windows I tell you on one side of your conference hall!) will throw me off or make it so that you don’t get great images from your event. And I understand my place as a part of the support staff at your event, one who is on the front lines facing forward representing your company. You’ll get a polished and professional photographer who knows how to make subjects comfortable and won’t embarrass you, and who also knows how to get out after an image is made and leave your participants alone to the important networking or conversations they are having.

A case study of this Saratoga Conference Photography

This photo came from an assignment I completed which involved multi day business conference photography. When corporate events speak several days, there is always an awards night where individuals and teams from the company are recognized for their personal accomplishments or contributions to the entire company.

And I’m quite practiced at making a traditional award-passing photo. We affectionately referred to it as a ‘grip and grin’ photo back when I was a full time news photographer. And there were plenty of them to cover. So yes, I make that photo as I do business award photography. The location and setting is worked out with the presenter in advance to make sure that I can make a nice clean image with a minimal amount of time spent doing so. Seconds in fact, so your program can carry on and stay on schedule.

But that doesn’t mean my Saratoga NY meeting photography is done from a checklist where I shoot one photo then wait around for the next person to come across the stage, snap a frame or 5 then sit back down . I’m always looking for a reaction. What an award means to a recipient or the presenter. Emotion and impact are important parts of the photographs that I create. And those sorts of photos will look great in your newsletters, on your website or in the handouts you make to the trade or general media. Those editors love something other than the traditional group handshake photo. And I look for those sorts of images and make them for you. Like this celebration of a big award. Sure you have the presenter and the recipient smiling at my camera for a photo. But it is in addition to this emotion filled photo.

Speak with a top Saratoga NY conference photographer.

I’ll take care of the behind the scenes work as well as help you with the advance planning.

You won’t get a blank look if you ask for a W9. Or your venue requires a certificate of insurance (COI) with a rider naming additional insured for every vendor you are bringing on site. I can have that in your or their hands within a day. The real takeaway is that I know what all of that is! The bigger takeaway is that I have real business liability insurance. Some of these other photographers don’t. And that’s bad both in terms of the risk YOU take by hiring them and the risk the venue WON’T take causing them to decline to allow them on the premises for your event if they aren’t carrying actual business insurance.

Contact Me At This Link.

We can talk about your project and the scope of your event. Never done this before? Never hired a photographer before? I can help walk you through the things you want to consider and the things I can offer you that will help the planning and the actual event go smoothly. And if you contact me that all will be done without a sales pitch or without a ton of follow-up pestering.

Let me become part of your team. I’ll take the pressure off of you whether you are just at the planning phase or are welcoming me on site to begin creating great visual content for your company.


Location: LaGrange, GA.