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Saratoga Springs editorial photographer

If you are looking for one of the best Saratoga Springs editorial photographers, then your search for a Saratoga photographer for your next event or assignment is complete!

My years of working as a former full time newspaper photojournalist in the Albany region have given me the technical skills to work for, and understanding of the needs in, the publication business. Transitioning out of the news business, I have spent the years since then working full time completing assignments for newspapers, consumer magazines, niche publications and trade magazines. So you’ve found a photographer who specializes in editorial work, or working for publications.

What you want in a Saratoga editorial photographer

First, notice that my website doesn’t show any of the types of consumer-focused photography most people show that specializes in portraits or other life-milestone photography that the general public wants. Nor will you see on my website a wide range of services that seem to be taking a scatter-gun approach to a photographer finding clients to work with.

I’m a corporate and editorial specialist who works for businesses and publications. The types of photos you will see on my website and in my portfolios are the type that businesses use on websites and in advertisements, that companies use on social media and that publications use on their covers and inside the magazine illustrating stories.

And my time as a full time photographer has been spent building a career on being a photographer who serves those specialized sectors of the photography marketplace. So you won’t be getting a photographer who hasn’t done this sort of publication work before. And you won’t be working with one who takes a “me too” attitude to advertising their photography services, shooting everything from products and architecture to other types of photos that the general public might want from a consumer oriented photographer. Then claims that they, too, can handle your assignment. You have space allocated in a publication. You maybe even are hoping for a potential cover candidate to come out of this assignment. You can’t rely on a “me too” photographer to bring this home for you, especially one who hasn’t done this sort of work before.

To be certain, an editorial photographer needs a diverse skill set. There are times where I’m called upon by a trade magazine to document some sort of manufacturing processor an event where my ability to set up lighting and stage people where I want them is impossible. So I’m operating in full-on photojournalist mode, solving problems and working efficiently, while capturing what is available to me. But my skills with finding locations and finding great lighting on location means that I can create controlled portraits or illustrations for you at the same shoot.

Or, I can bring in all of the equipment needed with a very well thought out and pre approved plan that allows me to work smoothly while interrupting the thing I’m photographing minimally, spending my time maximizing the great visual material that I can produce for you.

With a well tuned set of people and organizational skills, combined with my technical skills, I can bring you a large set of photos from what, on the surface, seems like a limited documentary assignment. I’m very methodical about going through a location and wringing all I can, or all I’ll be allowed to access, out of a location.

And my years of doing this mean that I’ve covered subjects ranging from sports, to executives to manufacturing to heavy industry. There have been assignments for portraits of industry leaders and line workers. There have been other assignments to document processes or events. I’ve seen it all.

A case study of this Saratoga racecourse sunrise workout photo

My photos as a Saratoga editorial and publication photographer often center on horse racing in Saratoga Springs NY. Horse racing photos from the Saratoga flat track are a special focus of mine.

While so many photographers just photograph the side of the winning horse as it is crossing the finish line, I work to see this subject in a deeper way. While so many take a picture of a clearly pretty sunrise sky with a small horse somewhere in the frame, I’ll look deeper than just that shallow and obvious snapshot. I work to provide a behind the scenes view of the Saratoga backstretch and to show viewers the lesser known aspects of the track. With my Saratoga horse racing action photos I strive to go beyond the “side of a horse crossing the finish line” plain old record shot that so many photographers capture. The emotion of the track, the scenes and the people, the details and the setting set me apart as a Saratoga editorial photographer. And this is a good example of how I can wring as much from a location as possible. Even while I can’t control -anything- about horses at the track or during a training morning.

It would be great to speak about what you need in a Saratoga editorial photographer

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Often there are projects that are fully developed and come with a tight deadline by the time you begin searching for a publication photographer in Saratoga Springs NY. Handling tight deadlines or the need for a quick turnaround is “what I do”. The experience from years of me working formerly as a daily publication photojournalist in Albany, on deadline, has given me the planning, photography and post production skills needed to handle these sorts of assignments.

Other times your project may not be fully formed. You may be looking for input to help flesh-out your visual coverage for a story you are doing. That’s a great time for me to be involved. I offer a skill of thinking-through a situation or setting that helps you understand what is possible, giving you the coverage ideas to think about that can help bring your story to a higher level of completeness.

I’m always happy to hear from a potential client about a possible project. It’s never too early to contact me as it allows me precious time to begin mulling over how I’d approach a shoot. And time to let you know what Ideas I have for your shoot.

So let’s hear about what you are planning!


Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.