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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Saratoga Springs conference photographer

So you are having a business meeting in one of the best areas in New York state for meetings which is the city of Saratoga Springs. Or maybe you are in one of the many venues surrounding the city which are outstanding for holding a meeting, corporate event, conference or convention. Perhaps you are holding a corporate gathering in one of the incredible lodges in the Adirondack Mountains.

Well you are at the right website and have found the right photographer where you will see some great photography which is geared for businesses, is about the needs of business, and is focused on serving the needs a company’s business communications department may have.

You want the best meeting photographer in Saratoga Springs, NY

Thats a pretty bold claim, saying you are the best meeting photographer in Saratoga NY. Well, my work for over 2 decades as a former full time news photojournalist and well over a decade of serving corporate and editorial photography clients in Saratoga Springs have given me the experience and the skills to handle you meeting, event or conference. And that experience spans a couple of decades working for hundreds of clients as a full time professional photographer focusing on serving the unique challenges that the business community has.

My skills center around an ability to help you think through your event and plan for it. The ability to work with people, making each interaction they have with the photographer pleasant and fast. The ability to be professional and unobtrusive, regardless of whether your event is a smaller and more intimate gathering, or if it is a full blow black tie Saturday night awards ceremony for an entire industry. And the ability to handle all sorts of technical and logistical challenges with my deep experience and wide variety of associations, giving me the personal and professional resources and skills to handle any challenge for you

My images are full of information, emotion, surprise. They will be of your people being themselves. You are not just going to get snapshots of a table setting or routine group shots with everyone looking stiff. Your speakers will look great on your staging because I know how to light and how to shoot from a decent distance without disrupting the flow of the event or drawing attention to myself. The informal group shots will look great because I can insert myself into a situation, get it arranged fast with minimal fussing and keep people engaged while I shoot the photo. And your event photos will be outstanding because you will have someone making event photos for you in Saratoga who photographed tens of thousands of events and presentations as a news photographer. Yes … it really was that many! All that means you’ll get a personable photographer who knows how to plan and execute so you get the great photos of your event that you need for the myriad uses these sorts of event images have.

Some info about this Saratoga NY meeting photography assignment

A typical component of all business meeting photography is covering the breakout session. In this case, a director of a company’s design division was presenting to staff the directions the company would be taking in the coming year.

The location was in a meeting room with multiple screens showing products. In this case I did also use lighting on the speaker so he is visible, however I liked this unlit, slightly less literal image because it showed the products as opposed to the person

I spent a few minutes getting the speaker in different positions, shooting one frame here, one free there so as not to disturb the intimately sized group.

Want To Speak More With A Different Saratoga Springs NY Meeting Photographer?

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Or if you prefer, give me a call at 1 (518) 843-0414 so we can speak a little about your project. But be forewarned, I’m a location photographer so I’m most often out in the field helping someone else with their business photography needs!

I sincerely do enjoy speaking with potential clients about their projects which may be in just the formative stages. You don’t have to have your entire event schedule nailed down. Speaking with you early on about what you might need from your meeting photographer allows me to offer input and advice. Often I ask questions that others might not think to ask. After all, I’ve been in the trenches for a lot of events and have the experience.

How about we talk photography? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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