Professional headshots in Albany
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Professional headshots in Albany

Professional Headshots In Albany Are A Big Component of What I Do As A Commercial Photographer In The Capital District.

Working for large corporations, smaller businesses and all kinds of publications, I’m often asked to take headshots of a company’s employees or management as part of the other work I’m doing for the assignment. This often happens while I’m documenting the operations or processes of a business, a hospital or at an educational institution. Headshots are also called for when I’m commissioned by a business or trade publication to take photos of business operations at a company that is being featured in a magazine article.

So having done headshots as a component of of much larger projects as a professional photographer in Albany, I began to branch out into offering headshots as a standalone service.

Using my years of experience, I developed several styles of lighting headshots that give a subtle difference in the final look. I offer a very traditional style of business headshot up to a little bit more modern and “forward” style of headshot. With some choices in between

You Need a Professional Albany Headshot For A Great Business Image

Today there is a need for everyone in business to have a professionally photographed business headshot of themselves. Look at all the locations from online social and business media, to discussion forums, to company websites, to presentations, to printed materials and email signatures. A modern fresh headshot can be used in all of those locations.

And what sort of image do you want to convey? Can that be accomplished with a selfie? Can that be accomplished with a selfie where you like the way you look, but the photo just says “this person is not at work and is having fun somewhere else?” How does that transmit to the viewer that you are professional, educated, experienced, capable, confident and are someone who they will really want to partner with?

Finally, people react to … other people. Put all the bio and C.V. info you want out there. It’s important. But other people react to you or your team as a person. They don’t react to points on a bullet list. So get a great image taken for yourself or for your team.

Some Background Behind How This Headshot Was Taken

This is one type of headshot photography in Albany that I do often. It’s referred to as a “volume session”. That means that we didn’t spend a couple of hours with each person, changing wardrobe and tweaking everything to make sure every nuance was in place.

Instead, this photo was part of a larger shoot of a trade organization’s leadership. And it was done with the volume approach where I set up a type of lighting that would be universally appealing across a wide variety of people. Then we photographed a large number of people in a very short amount of time.

And that brings up a great point about how I work as an Albany headshot photographer. I come to your company out event. Self contained, studio quality lighting. All of the equipment needed to do the job at your location is provided and brought in by me. So we can do these sorts of jobs at your offices in a conference room or in a side hallway of a trade show. Or just about anywhere where we can control the existing lighting and set up my own lighting equipment.

Let Mitch Help You With The Process Leading Up To Commissioning A Headshot

So many businesspeople contact me about getting a professional headshot project for their business off the ground.

And they just have no idea where to begin. Or even what questions to ask. Or sometimes they don’t even know what the heck they want in the first place!

Well that’s where I can help you! I’m the expert with a ton of experience. And I can guide you through the process, beginning with some questions that will help you figure out everything right from the basics up to what sort of finished product will be best for you. Even if you have never done this before, let me help!

If you are just at the early stages of planning a project, or are only wondering about a project because you have no idea where to begin or what things cost, then contact me. I’ve done this for a very long time and part of the service I provide is in the planning and organizing. And the creating of proposals, options and budgets that you can then take back to a decision making team.

So there’s no harm in getting in touch with me to just talk about some “what-if” ideas or thoughts.

How To Book Your Professional Headshot in Albany

Contact Mitch At This Link Right Here

Give me a call at 518 843 0414

I’ll help you figure out what you need and what it will take to accomplish it. And I’ll also be happy to throw it all out the window and revise everything we’ve talked about once you go back to your team and the specs that we initially developed have been changed. It’s what I do!

We can talk about a few people being photographed. Or hundreds. I handle a wide range of numbers of people that need to be photographed. In general though it is challenging to make it cost effective to just photograph one person, though I do that often.

So let’s talk about your project today.

Are you an individual looking for a personal headshot?

I specialize in providing headshot photography services to businesses, photographing a number of people at a time. In general, I’m not able to cost effectively handle an assignment that involves working with just one person who wants a photo for their resume. And since I’m a location photographer that means I come to your place of business to set up and take the photos. So if you’re looking for a single headshot for yourself for personal use so you can go out and search for another job, you might be better served by finding someone who runs a storefront consumer studio and possibly specializes in family photo sessions and consumer oriented photography.

Location: Albany, NY.