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Schenectady product photographer

As an experienced Schenectady product photographer, I can help you increase your sales.

My background as a Schenectady professional photographer spans a couple decades of serving business customers with their business to business or business to consumer photography needs.

There is one universal word in that sentence above: Business. I’m a full time business photography specialist in the Capital District of Albany NY.

This means that I understand how to create appropriate images for businesses large and small. Ones that meet your marketing and communications needs. Ones that help you reach your sales goals.

What’s different about me as a Schenectady photographer

I’m a full time professional photographer who specializes in photography for business clients all over the northeast.

Based in the capital district, I’ve completed thousands of assignments for every kind of business you can imagine. For company websites. And for marketing departments. Need someone to help create trade show displays? Create images for news releases or trade magazine imagery? Well you’ve found the right person!

Do you want to rely on someone who primarily handles consumer based photography such as weddings, family portraits and infants? Suggesting they want to “get into” this type of photography? Instead hire someone like me to photograph your manufactured products who has deep experience in serving businesses.

The types of product photography I handle as a Schenectady photographer

If it’s something you see published or on a website related to a business’ offerings, services or products, those are the types of photos that I create.

These items can be intermediate products, which means they are something a manufacturer makes, which then goes to another manufacturer. And it gets used by them in making their finished product.

Or these can be actual finished products that are for sale. They can be consumer related items ranging from shoes, to microphones, to cameras to a cover for a barbecue grill. On the opposite side of he business spectrum they can be commercial products such as industrial bearings or fittings. Commercial finishes and insulation. Pipes, tapes and clamps. All kinds of manufactured products.

My service territory as a Schenectady photographer

First, as an experienced and seasoned commercial and corporate photographer I will travel just about anywhere.

My core area of service includes:

  • Albany.
  • Schenectady
  • Troy
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Glens Falls
  • Oneonta
  • Utica

A unique set of services

One of the services I can provide is the ability to bring a complete studio setup to your location

Have hundreds of items that you need photographed? Or a couple dozen but they are large, fragile or valuable so you don’t want them taken off site? I can perform the photography on location at your base of operations. This has ranged from taking over a nice training center for a couple days to finding a corner in a warehouse where I can work without getting run over by busy forklifts.

Another service I can provide is a pick up and drop off service for items that aren’t super large or unwieldy. And are located close to me. I’ll pick up your products, will photograph them. And will return them to you when done!

So how about we figure out what you need for your project?

It’s easy to get in touch with me

If you’d like you can give me a call at 1 (518) 843-0414 and we can talk about things right away.

Or you can use My Contact Form At This Link.

Learning about a client’s potential project is the critical first step in the road to completing a successful product photography project. So it’s a great time to reach out to me so that I can hear about what you are planning. It doesn’t matter if you are ready to go or are early in the process and are seeking guidance to develop what your project will look like. And obtain some specs and quotes for you to consider. I'm happy to speak with potential clients at any point in the planning stage!