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Look for a Schenectady industrial photographer who has the largest skill set.

If you need an industrial photographer, then you want someone who has extensive experience photographing under difficult conditions.

Sometimes those challenging photographic conditions mean there is a fast moving industrial process that you need photographed. And it can’t be interrupted.

Other times, those difficult photography conditions may mean that the environment is, let’s be direct, less than attractive. Industrial processes may mean there is a significant amount of dirt, leftover material from the process, or equipment scattered around.

So you need someone who is experienced with these types of settings. You need a photographer who can see past and work around what is often a mess or debris left behind by heavy manufacturing.

The type of photography I offer as an industrial photographer in Schenectady.

Much of my work in this photographic specialty centers around both heavy and light manufacturing.

And that photographic work crosses several different disciplines of photography. I may be called in to:

  • Make photos of a heavy manufacturing process that may involve significant challenges and risks. Some of the challenges may involve dim to nearly nonexistent lighting. Or work areas covered in debris from the manufacturing process. Or may involve handling extreme contrast ranges as molten metal is poured for a casting in a very dim environment.
  • Create photos of finished products. These photos do fall under the category of “product photography”. But the difference is sometimes the scale of the item. For example, this photo was of an industrial power item which was nearly 9 feet tall! So product photography doesn’t just mean small items photographed for an Amazon web store.
  • Make architectural style photos that show the scale of an industrial location’s manufacturing floor. Or this may be a straightforward exterior view of a manufacturing plant.
  • And portraits may be needed. These may be environmental portraits of people in their working environment. Or these photos can be as straightforward as head shots of the executive and office team.

Oh and the fun fact about this specific photo? This "product" was almost 9 feet tall!

Let’s talk about your next project.

You’ve found the top Schenectady industrial photographer. And he’s ready to take on your project!

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I always love a logistical and technical challenge. Let me make some great photos of your industrial operations or products.