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e-commerce photographer Saratoga Springs NY

What I can offer you as an e-commerce photographer in Saratoga Springs NY

Simply put, I know the communications and sales needs of businesses. My experience as a life long full time professional photographer has been primarily focused on serving businesses. And I take great product photos!

If you have a company that has a need for a Saratoga Springs NY product photographer, then good news! I can help you out!

My work as a full time professional photographer has always been focused on serving the needs of businesses. This focus ranges from being commissioned by an ad agency working for clients as an advertising photographer in Saratoga. To working directly for companies to help them meet their marketing goals. As well as creating large image libraries for companies who need images for marketing, ecommerce, public relations and publication needs in Saratoga Springs.

You need a great Saratoga Springs product photographer if you want to grow your sales!

Having someone who regularly works as a business photographer as their main focus as a professional photographer in Saratoga Springs is important to your project succeeding. I’m someone who understands your needs, the work needed in pre production to pull it all together for a smooth photography session. And how to execute a project on time and on budget. Hiring some consumer oriented photographer who serves individual members of the public isn’t going to get you the skill set you need to pull off your marketing or advertising project. No matter how enthusiastic they sound or how much they try to convince you that this is a “kind of work” they have “always wanted to get into”. Opt for an experienced photographer who has the portfolio to back up the claims that they can handle your project.

What a great Saratoga Springs product photographer’s portfolio looks like

First look for someone who shows that they have a skill for business and corporate photography. Look at their portfolio. Weddings, seniors, family photos and babies? That’s not a corporate and business photography specialist! Look for someone who shows that they serve business, corporate and business publication clients, perhaps exclusively.

Second look for really well executed “products on white” photos. This is the staple, foundational style of product photography that a real business oriented photographer needs to be able to execute. And is often a style of photography that businesses need to access to sell their products in an e-commerce setting. Really well executed means a nice even white background. No glowing fuzzy edges meaning the photographer didn’t understand how to light that white background correctly. Sharp clear focus. Bright highlights that hold detail and aren’t just a glare on a surface. And most importantly, look for the entire item to be completely in focus, sharp and crisp.

Third look for a Saratoga Product photographer who takes their photos to a higher level from just the “product on white” images.

  • Do they use interesting surfaces?
  • Do they use reflections? Mirrored images? This can add a ton of interest and personality to your product photos.
  • Does their lighting vary in their portfolio, going beyond just the even flat dull lighting you see so often? do they use directional light and subtle shadows? Do they show soft lighting as well as the opposite end of the spectrum, hard and crisp lighting too?
  • Do they show different backgrounds and foregrounds, beyond just plain white?

Next level product photography

If you find images in a photographer’s portfolio which shows the diverse styles mentioned above, then you have found someone who can bring their skills to your project and tailor them to your needs. This will make your project successful!

So look for diversity in the portfolio of the product photographer you are considering commissioning for your job.

As a Saratoga Springs product photographer I can travel to your location.

This type of photography means your chosen product photographer might need to be close to the business which needs its “things” photographed. I’m located in a central spot which gives me great access to clients in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Amsterdam, Hudson, Gloversville, Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls.

But because of my extensive corporate and editorial photography experience, I have a unique skill set. And that is the ability to pre plan and pre produce a job, then bring the needed studio quality equipment and lighting to your location.

I can set up a studio at your business site for a few hours or for days to photograph all of your products for you. I’ve accomplished this in locations ranging from executive offices to corners of warehouses. All that is really needed is some open space where lighting and backgrounds can be set, which also has a little space to move around the setup. If you items are very small, the footprint of the mobile studio can be pretty small too. Of course if we are photographing huge industrial items, well, we’d need much more space for that, space to perhaps have forklift or crane access, and maybe a staging area where large products can be brought prior to being photographed.

Retouching and post production are critical too

Look for a photographer who can show you before and after samples. Illustrating how the images looked when photographed as well as how the final deliverable photo looked after professional adjustment and retouching.

Additionally look for someone who can manage the workflow of handling a dozen or hundreds of products for you. Your project might just involve a couple products you need photographed that are the size of a toaster. Or, you might have dozens and dozens of items. Look for someone with the expertise to manage that inventory of products, who can unpack and set them up, photograph them then re pack them for return to you. All of these skills are needed to get your photograph completed in a timely way

Want to talk to a great Saratoga product photographer?

It’s As Simple As Contacting Me Using This Link

Let’s talk about your ideas. I’ll be glad to help figure out what you need. Or to give you some ideas that you can use to figure out how to best execute your job.

Give me a call at 1 (518) 843-0414 if you want to talk sooner. If you are just in the preliminary stages of figuring out your project, that’s fine! I love to be involved early, giving my input when it will have the most value to you.

Let’s create some great photos of your products today!


Location: Saratoga Springs NY.