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Do you have a need for an Albany NY product photographer?

Well you have found someone who has extensive experience as a full time professional photographer in Albany, NY One benefit of having found me is that I have the experience of years of working with businesses to help them meet their marketing, communications, and public relations goals.

The second and most important benefit of having found me is that I have years of experience in product photography. And that experience is specifically centers around working for businesses as a corporate and editorial photographer. The types of businesses that I serve range from ones which sell directly to consumers to those that work primarily in a business to business (B2B) environment.

This means that I know how to handle the wide range of challenges that businesses need to successfully navigate as they strive to build sales of their products. You need a versatile photographer who can create a range of photography styles, giving you a wide range of choices in how you present your products for sale.

There are different styles of Albany product photography which is also called e-commerce photography

Everyone by now is familiar with a very common type of photograph of a product. And that is the “product on white”. What this means is that your product is photographed on a white background. And can appear as if it is floating in space with no distractions.

The finished photo, when done in this style, looks deceptively simple to do. But it’s more complex than it looks. The background needs to be clean white with no muddy or blotchy areas where the tone is lighter or darker. And the item being photographed needs to be clean, crisp and have all important details showing.

And that should be done without boring flat gray lifeless lighting! There should be some direction and crispness to the lighting!

Finally, the lighting of the white background should be done to a very carefully managed and high technical standard. The background shouldn’t simply be “over lit” to make it white. That will lead to problems where it overwhelms the sensor of the camera. And the lighting ends up so strong that it “blows by” the item, making the edges soft, fuzzy and glowing with the extra light passing by.

Taking Your Product Photos To The Next Level

This photo of the headphones is a good example of taking the “product on white photo” to the next level.

There is some direction to the light which creates texture and dimension. There are some bright areas and some shadow areas. These give the photo depth and dimension. The actual texture shows.

And finally the item is placed in an elevated position, and photographed on a surface which creates a reflection, making it appear to be floating.

Some ways that a simple product photographed on white can be taken to the next level include:

  • More directional lighting, such as the lighting used in this photo. Better lighting gives texture, depth.
  • Interesting angle selection. This image was shot from a different angle and the product was positioned in a way to elevate it and give it dimension, depth, and life.
  • Using an interesting surface. Sure this is still on white. But creating the mirror reflection with a specific selection of a surface to make that happen gives a spark to the photo. It looks like it is floating.

The areas I serve as an e-commerce product photographer in Albany

Product photography and e-commerce photography presents the challenge of needing to be physically close to the business which needs its “things” photographed. You have to actually go to the location where the products are, especially if there are a lot of them.

Located in the capital district of New York state means that I can easily serve clients as an e-commerce product photographer in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Amsterdam, Saratoga Springs, and Glens Falls.

However, because of my experience as a corporate and editorial photographer, I can offer a unique service. Since I’m used to traveling and bringing lots of equipment to wherever we need to go to get the job done, I have a different skill set. And that is in being able to pack everything up and haul it to wherever is needed. Then set up to work at a high professional level just about anywhere. So with some advance planning that I can offer as well, I can photograph your products just about anywhere!

This means setting up a professional studio at your location so that you can cycle your materials in and out as needed. Often, this work can be handled economically at a fixed day rate. And don’t worry, I’ve set up studios in very nice training centers that any professional would be happy to have as their studio. As well as in a back corner of a warehouse where the main goal was to stay out of the way of the forklifts zipping around.

Additionally I do offer a pick up and drop off service if the items you need e-commerce photos of aren’t particularly large. Or if there aren't too many of them. I can stop by your business, inventory everything, take it off site, then return it to you when your photos are done! If you have only a couple of items that you need photographed, and are willing to wait a little bit, I can often group your items with other small orders to get everyone’s done economically.

So let’s talk about how a top Albany e-commerce and product photographer can help you

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We can go over your ideas. Or I can offer some great questions to help you focus your needs. Moving forward we can work out how to arrange and schedule the production of the photos so that your photography time is maximized by having all of the details worked out so that we can spend the most time actually photographing.

Please call me at 1 (518) 843-0414 if you’d like to speak with me in person right away. Even if you are just in the very early stages of figuring out your project, that’s fine! I love to be involved early, giving my input when it will have the most value to you.

Let’s create some great photos of your products today!

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