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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

photographer saratoga springs new york

You undoubtedly were given a lot of search results and people to choose from if you searched online for a photographer in Saratoga Springs New York.

And I’m sure that most of the results returned in that web search weren’t really relevant to you. Because you are looking for a different Saratoga NY photographer. Someone who does a different kind of work outside of all of the personal-type of photography everybody seems to focus on. You know, families, life events, that sort of thing.

But you found *the* different Saratoga photographer.

What kind of photographer in Saratoga Springs NY have you found?

The business and communications specialist. B2B photography . Communications photography. Publications photography.

Yes this image is a little artsy. It’s favorite from my years of working as a Saratoga horse racing photographer. It’s a favorite as it is different and shows how I think differently at any given assignment.

But it speaks to who I am as a business photography specialist. B2B is a huge component of what I do as a Saratoga photographer. That work is always directed, focused, towards a finish line. And I know that the path to that finish line will not be perfectly straight. But I know how to bring your communications projects home and across your finish line.

My work centers on corporate and editorial photography.

The photos I create are used in annual reports, internal communications, advertisements, in trade publications, on websites, and in a variety of other places that are relevant to businesses, institutions and agencies.

You won’t see example photographs in my portfolio that widely range from architecture to landscapes. I joke that with all of those photography offerings from some less focused photographers, they may as well offer stump grinding and snow plowing services too. After all, what are you hiring them to do? Everything? Or to solve a specific challenge you have?

I’m focused on showing what businesses and business people do. And while there is a large variety and variability in the places you’ll see in my portfolio, there is a common thread running through all of my work.

I take photos of and for commerce, and of the people and processes that make commerce happen.

A case study of this image I created as a Saratoga horse Racing photographer

So many photographers would crowd around the finish line, in the same spot, to make a photo from the side of a winning horse crossing the finish line at the Saratoga Race Course. Sure, that is an important record-photo to have from a specific horse race … if you happen to own the horse. I quickly learned to effortlessly make that photo for my editorial clients, and to be reliable at it. So I then branched out into looking for different angles that spoke to different moments in a horse race as well as different views of what is ultimately a repetitive event. After all, just because the event is repetitive doesn’t mean my work has to be.

So I moved away from the finish line, moving into the largely unexplored mile to mile and a half of track, barns, spectators, stands, support areas that all make up the people and places that make a race happen. A quick bit of research and I learned how to use remote cameras placed around the racetrack. These are unmanned and remotely triggered cameras where I have to anticipate what is going to happen, and where, and set a camera up manually which will capture that thing I am envisioning. This was a very big deal back in the film days when I started. You had limited images on a roll. Limited latitude for making technical mistakes. Lots and lots of wiring was required to pull it all together.

But the universal requirement was and still is having a vision, an idea, a curiosity that goes beyond capturing a standard and safe image. Of course I make this standard, safe images too. And I can bring those back hoe for you. I can even help you define or understand what the standard or safe image will be from any assignment. But I always go further. And am always exploring, no matter where the paths in my imagination and curiosity lead me.

Let me put that curiosity and vision to work for you.

How to connect with a different photographer in Saratoga NY

The easiest way to contact me is to Make An Inquiry At This Link Via My Contact Page.

You won’t end up in some sort of email-hell, inadvertently signing up for some kind of list or newsletter where I send lots of dispatches telling you about my favorite bakery products 4 times a week while obliquely trying to tie it to being a corporate photographer. Nope. But I will get back to you promptly, having already Google stalked you or your company so that I’m not wasting your time, coming in cold with no idea of who you are or maybe what you do.

Or you can give me a call at 1 (518) 843-0414.

You know, old school. Where we speak a little. Don’t worry about calling either. I’m old school. Good at conversing, figuring out what you need and what you need too know, about me or about your project. It won’t be a waste of time. And hopefully I’ll be able to put skills from my former career as a news photojournalist into action and can find some thing we have in common that makes it easier to speak with, and connect with, a stranger.

But be forewarned: Location photography involves working out on, away at, on and within …locations. And those aren’t anywhere near my office. So I’m often not in the office during that thing people in the non creative “civilian world” refer to as “office hours”. And sorry but I’m not going to break the attention I’m focusing on the job at hand, while I’m photographing, to stop everything and take a call. So yeah, I just made it sound like I’ll never answer a call. Hardly. But do leave a voicemail as I love those and will return it once I’m done being a superhero photographer in some glamorous locale.

And I guarantee I’ll love hearing about your project, large or small, regardless of the level of glamour it promises. You see, getting to go out and be creative, helping others achieve their communications, advertising or marketing goals is my “job”. And I love my job.

I look forward to meeting you, online, in person or on the phone.

Let’s speak soon.


Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.