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Meeting Photographer Syracuse NY

Do you need a meeting photographer in Syracuse to photograph your next corporate event, convention or conference? Do you need a meeting photographer anywhere else in New York State?

Having lots of experience at many different size events for a variety of companies all over the country means I’m the meeting and event photographer for you.

What you want in a Syracuse event photographer

This type of photography is often called by many different names. It can be called convention photography, conference photography, meeting photography, event photography, trade show photography or corporate event photography.

But there are some common things that every solid and well experienced meeting photographer needs to be able to do. The list includes:

  • Headshots. Being able to set up a remote studio on location for you to get photos of your people so that you have updated images taken while everyone is gathered in one place. These can be quick and done with a high volume approach. Or these headshots can be something more finely crafted.
  • Executive portraits. Key management may be gathered in one location for the event and with their schedules it may be difficult to coordinate getting them together at any other time. Take advantage of their ‘proximity’ while at your event!
  • Group photos of both large and small groups. You need both staged and controlled groups as well as ones done during, for example, an awards ceremony. And you need them done where it doesn’t interrupt the flow or waste everyone’s time.
  • Photojournalistic coverage of speakers, presenters and awards ceremonies. Sometimes you need the event or a speaker well covered without stopping anything or without the photograph interrupting or distracting.
  • Create scenarios to illustrate people meeting or demonstrating something. Sometimes a good photographer will need to set up scenarios or controlled vignettes to create images you need for a specific purpose or will need at a later time.
  • Capture candid images from meet-ups and networking. Everyone can do the interrupt-and-pose. A great photographer will also be able to naturally capture, or gently nudge, people interacting in a way that makes natural or natural looking photos.
  • Produce large scale views or panoramic images of the whole scene. Some event organizers want straight documentation of their setups and settings. Some want a signature image that shows the “feel and flavor” of the event to build excitement and to use in advertising for the next time it happens.
  • Capture behind the scenes photos of staff at work. You always want your hard working staff, who put on this event for your company, to be captured. If only for photos in the break room … these images still build camaraderie and give recognition.
  • Document staging , decorations, setups, signage or other physical material. Some event organizers need record shots for proof that they did something, such as highlight a sponsor, or as documentation for how they set things up.
  • Cover the “flavor” of the host community. Oh, having images from the community you are meeting in can be great! Sometimes they are used during the event, to connect the participants, who are largely in nondescript ballrooms and meeting rooms, to the community they are in.
  • Produce great “reaction” photos of the interaction between hosts on stage and speakers or award winners. Anybody can shoot the “grip and grin” award photo. A great event photographer can shoot the reaction photos, the spaces in between the announcement and the grip-and-grin where people react.
  • Knows how to use lighting , lightly and unobtrusively, to make your formal event or events on stage look great. What more can I say? You can’t always blast away with flash on camera. You can’t always shoot “natural light”. Look for a photographer with the biggest technical skill set.
  • Knows how to get great natural images without disrupting speakers, attendees or the flow of the event. Sometimes you’re just not going to use flash. Sometimes you just can’t stand where you want to make a photo of a key speaker.

These areas of coverage demand a versatile photographer. You need one who:

  • Has great people skills and is personable and energetic
  • Is visually and technically agile; can transition from staged images to photojournalism
  • Has lighting skills both for formal photos and spontaneous coverage
  • Can produce on tight deadlines
  • Knows how to interface with event technical production crew, top management, attendees, site staff
  • Can make images that will meet company goals yet appeal to media for press distribution

Why you need meeting or event photography

The photographs from an event put on by a large or small business may be used for advertising, websites, internal communications, employee newsletters, or even for distribution to outside media and other press outlets. It’s tempting to think you can do it all with a cell phone.

This image is a good example of one type of meeting photography that I create. Two extremely busy executives were needed together for a photograph that would be distributed to local and national media/press after a major announcement at the corporate event I was hired to cover.

Even though the meeting room was very dark I was able to position the two executives in front of very large screens in front of the room displaying graphics for the meeting. (As a side note the image in the background as well as many, many other images that the event used on the large screens in front of the audience were my photographs). I positioned the executives in a location where the company's logo and an image that was iconic to the company would be visible in the background. Working extremely quickly, even though I was managing auxiliary lighting, I had the executives positioned, the equipment set up and the photograph executed in less than two minutes. They were on their way quickly to network between formal sessions.

Looking for a great conference photographer to work with you at your next event?

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