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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Meeting Photographer Saratoga Springs NY

Sure, you need corporate event photography, a convention photographer or business meeting photography that documents settings and staging. You know, the tangible things that create the setting and feel of your event. The record shots of how everything looked at your event. The typical things you get from a meeting or event photographer.

But you WANT corporate event, meeting and conference photography that shows your people who are in attendance while they are interacting and learning. Maybe even networking, sharing and connecting. You want photography which documents your people AT your event in a fresh and natural way, creating photos that can be projected on massive screens over the course of a muti day event. Or sent out for media distribution. Or used in a powerful internal communications campaign later on. Or given to participants who won awards or received special recognition.

How many people will look at a poorly lit, static 6 person group shot, of people looking like soccer players lined up to block a penalty kick? How many people will look at a photo of those same 6 people out in the field having an experience together? Or learning together at a breakout session? Or celebrating an award that one of their co workers just received? Or photographed in that same 6 person lineup, but lit well, arranged nicely and put at ease so that people will say “wow, they look really happy or just plain great!”

Thats right, everybody. Everybody will be interested in those sorts of dynamic, full of life and emotion sorts of photos of their colleagues, friends and co workers. Photos of people who are part of the same company as them, looking great and doing great things.

Let me create some great Saratoga Springs conference, meeting and event photography for you!

Learn about the best Meeting Photographer in Saratoga Springs NY

My background includes a couple of decades as a full time news photojournalist. My responsibilities include covering tens of thousands, literally, of planned and unplanned events. In all sorts of venues for all sorts of companies and government agencies.

Leaving the news business, I turned my attention to covering corporate events, business meetings, conventions and conferences. Great photos can be made at these events by bringing my skills as an unobtrusive news shooter to work for you.As well as blessing in my highly developed lighting and people-management skills. It doesn’t have to be just about lining people up in groups and that’s what you get. Although if you’ll look through my event photography samples, you’ll see that I’m great at that too. Lined up, group photos. Done nicely and, you can’t see this from the samples, quickly.

Corporate event, meeting snd conference photography can be about showing the passion and connection and meeting and learning and networking and … participating that goes on. It can be about creating photos that are real, natural, full of information. And those photos can be spontaneous. Or they may be fully staged by me. Or they might be my favorite sort of photo, real events that I nudged and prodded to make “better”.

What will you get hiring one of the best Saratoga Conference Photographers?

An Experienced Photographer. With tons of experience photographing annual reports, advertising campaigns and editorial jobs for magazines, I can clearly and thoroughly follow your script and bring back the photos you need to convey your carefully crafted message. So you won’t have to worry about what your photographer is up to during the event. Or, I can take the lead, planning with you in advance to figure out the types of images you want, and need, from your event.

Logistical Chops. With decades of experience as a full time photographer, I’m prepared. From full liability insurance that venues require of outside vendors to backup equipment to knowing how to think through an event before it happens so that logistics and staging are taken care of for you.

Great Visual Skills. I see photos. Sometimes as they are happening. Sometimes in my head as an idea. Then I have the ability to be in the right place to capture those things. Or to nudge those things into existence. Or to outright direct, marshal and manage them into existence for you.

A Workhorse Work-Ethic. Did you see the part about how I worked full time as a news photographer for a couple of decades? There’s no crying in newspaper employment. There’s just digging in and getting the job done. I always carry lots of power bars along with my backup equipment. I’ll work hard for you to capture, to create. I’ll work gard for you before, during and after the event so it all goes smoothly in the run-up, so that you can forget about me during the event and so that you get what you need when I promised you would get it after it all is over. And the paperwork, from setting me up as a vendor, to producing insurance certification for me to work on someone else’s premises, to timely and accurate billing.

Where I work often as a photographer who can can create great Saratoga NY corporate event photography for you!

I’m a specialist in meeting, conference, convention and event photography who will seamlessly fit into your professional or relaxed environment and will create great images for your internal or external communications and marketing uses.

My work often takes me well outside of New York State, covering events all over the country.

My home territory , which is all an easy drive for me, includes:

  • Albany
  • Schenectady
  • Troy
  • Amsterdam
  • Utica
  • Syracuse
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Cooperstown
  • Glens Falls
  • Binghamton
  • Oneonta
  • Lake Placid
  • Latham
  • The Hudson Valley
  • Pittsfield, MA
  • Poughkeepsie
  • The Berkshires
  • Bennington, VT
  • Manchester, VT

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