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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Meeting Photographer in Albany

You’ve found a photographer who can be your top choice for your next meeting photographer in Albany.

Albany NY is such a diverse city in terms of the types of business and commerce that happens there.

First and foremost it is the state capital. And that means, as the seat of government, there is a tremendous variety of businesses and companies as well as institutions that converge on the city. You need a photographer with the skill to take assignments which vary in scope from people who photograph for businesses, publications as well as advocacy and lobbying groups.

Finding a great meeting photographer in Albany

That diversity of business and government events which take place in Albany NY means that a top meeting photographer located here will have experience covering :

Business events. Albany hosts all sorts of business meetings and events designed for networking and business development. And since a lot of business is conducted with New York State, a huge variety of businesses from IT to farmers to human service providers come to hold their events here. You need a photographer who can handle the speaker photos, group shots, coverage of networking in both a controlled and formal way as well as in an agile and photojournalistic way.

Product launches. There can be events held here to announce or bring attention to newly announced products. These events can happen as a small and quiet gathering, maybe even specifically catering to niche markets or trade organizations.

Corporate events. These events can most often be geared towards a company bringing together large numbers of their employees. For example, all of their sales and marketing staff. Or all of their IT people. Or, on the flip side, it can be one company bringing lots of area professionals with a common interest together as a way of building connections in the industry while subtly pitching their services that they offer within that industry. This is usually done simply and in an understated way by just sponsoring the event.

Advocacy days. Advocacy day photography in Albany is a special subset of mine. This type of photographic assignment is one of my specialties. It usually involves a collection of citizens or a business industry association which come to the capitol to speak directly with assemblymen, senators or their staff for the purpose of raising awareness of their needs or advocating for or against legislation which affects their lives of businesses.

A photographer doing this sort of work needs to be agile and able to switch between fast promotional type group photos, covering speakers and presentations as well as documenting one on one meetings with legislators. Sometimes these one on on meetings with legislators happen with generous amounts of time, such as half an hour, where it is a relaxed presentation and I can work as a photojournalist typically would. Other times, there are quick meetings which happen outside in the crowded area at the entrance to the assembly chamber or literally walking with a legislator as they are moving from one responsibility to their next while the state legislature is in session.

Lobbying events. In a way lobbying events are quite similar to advocacy days. Except they will often entail more group photos with dignitaries, industry leaders and legislators who are in support of a specific initiative. There will be more planned speaking and planned one on one photos with participants. These events will sometimes feature a panel discussion or round table.

Panels, Discussions and Roundtables. We’re in the land of state government. And government along with the economy of a state are best run when there is an exchange of ideas. An elevating of understanding of the needs of a business or institution, or perhaps market sector. Information exchanged which help educate various stakeholders as to what each side needs to make some initiative or law happen. These initiatives or laws are what make the economy work and are what allow a type of business, industry of service provider to actually remain in business, serve who they serve, and thrive into the future. Quite often these sorts of discussion panels are the first, or only, way that people can raise their concerns or offer their ideas. From there, all of that information can then be understood by all sides involved in an issue so that progress can be made.

A photographer working these sorts of events needs to have the same agility when arranging and taking group shots, the same ability to make great podium/keynote speaker photos and to be able to unobtrusively make interesting photos of people sitting at or around a table on stage.

Working for a couple of decades as a former full time Albany photojournalist gave me the skills and abilities to handle the sorts of technical challenges these jobs present. And the experience gained from the years of doing a wide variety of assignment gave me the people skills and assimilation/judgement abilities to think on my feet and keep participants at an event happy while getting the photos needed.

Contact one of the best meeting photographers in Albany NY

You can Get In Contact At This Link filling out a simple form. I won’t pester you with all kinds of unsolicited emails and no, you aren’t signing up for a newsletter list or something like that which you didn’t ask to be on or anything. No tricks, no unsolicited stuff.

You can give me a call at 1 (518) 843-0414. I would be happy to speak with you! Fair warning through; I’m a photographer who works out on location. So I’m out of the office a lot. And this isn’t some big storefront studio where there is a booking person who is the “face” of the operation who then goes out to find someone to do the work they promised. You’re actually getting *me* as your photographer. Unless I’m out being someone else’s photographer.

So contact me today. If we speak or correspond a bit, I can learn about the next event, conference or convention that you have coming up. And I’m sure I can offer some ideas, insights or suggestions that will help it all go smoother.


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