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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

industrial photographer albany ny

So you have found a photographer that some have ranked as the best industrial photographer in Albany NY.

You need one of the best industrial photographers in Albany who can cover a variety of assignments.

These assignments will often center around heavy manufacturing activities, or the installation and use of the products that a heavy industry creates. This is the ultimate, focused business to business or B2B environment for photography. Most of my clients make things for other businesses to use. Or they make intermediate products that are used as a component in the process of making other finished products.

What does an industrial photographer in Albany do?

I work with, and for, construction companies. My assignments are often designed to document the process of building something. These photos will later be used to show the capabilities that the construction company has. Or, these images will be used by a primary manufacturer to show their products being used and installed out in the real world. As a documentation and illustration of how the thing they make gets used. These photos are then used in sales and business development to get other companies interested in this specific specialty product.

A second area that I get assignments for as an Albany industrial photographer is from companies needing visual communications materials for their annual reports. Many industrial companies are publicly traded as they are usually so capital intensive. So there are SEC filing requirements and the desire to keep investors informed. Which means complex publications outlining financial performance and goals of the company. These reports often will require extensive photography showing projects, manufacturing sites or other operations that a company has invested in.

And finally I frequently get direct assignments from companies and businesses that manufacture things. These can be finished products or might be intermediate products that become the components of some other finished product. Most often I’m hired to work for a business which manufactures something for another business or industrial sector. As I mentioned already this is a heavy B2B or business to business marketplace with few of these industries selling directly to consumers. Often these companies will be involved in heavy manufacturing or heavy construction of some sort. Frequently the environment I’m called to work in is challenging in some way.

A case study of this photo taken as an Albany industrial photographer.

The conditions where I was working can best be described as difficult. This image was taken as workers were quickly assembling sections of pipe that would be used to slip-line a section of a municipal sewer system. There was no opportunity to stop and pose my subjects. The weather was forecast to deteriorate and the workers were interested in the integrity of the project. So they didn’t have time to walk around and plan, to pause for me to figure things out. Despite having to work as a photographer in these fast moving and challenging conditions, I was able to create an image with graphic appeal. I chose to light the inside of the pipe to highlight and bring attention to where the worker was attaching the next section of pipe. In dark and very cold conditions, I also added a little bit of light from the camera position to play off the light I had placed inside of the pipe. In a couple of minutes it was over. The worker was done with what he was done in moments, I had to clear the area for them to drag this section to its installation location, the weather was closing in with no chance for a second attempt at the photo … and the photo was in-hand on the first attempt with no disruption to the work-flow.

Another aspect of my photography that is brought hoe in this image is that I look for graphic elements in my photographs. I look for setting with leading lines that move the viewer’s eye around the frame or hold their attention on the page, on your page, for your clients.

Areas I serve as an Albany industrial photographer include:

  • Albany
  • Schenectady
  • Troy
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Glens Falls
  • Hudson
  • Cooperstown
  • Latham
  • Pittsfield
  • Lake Placid
  • Kingston
  • Syracuse
  • Poughkeepsie

I travel extensively through the northeast and have excellent access to the Capital District of New york, The adirondack region and Lake Placid, Utica, Binghamton, Syracuse and Rochester as well as Watertown and Buffalo. Northern Pennsylvania is part of my home territory. And western Massachusetts, western Connecticut and Southern Vermont are all within an easy car ride for me.

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Remain confident that you will be speaking with an experienced photographer who handles B2B photography for industries, institutions, trade press, advertising agencies, public relations firms and corporate communications departments. Look through my website. You’ll see photographs created for business communications. You won’t get a “me too” photographer who primarily shows consumer focused and art photography on their website , claiming they want to “get into” the type of assignment you are proposing.

If you get in touch with me, we can spend a bit of time thinking through your project. I’m happy to help you formulate ideas and to think through the process of how things could go versus how you want the to go. Or I can offer suggestions for directions we may take for completing your assignment, helping you refine your “must-have” checklist if you are just diving into your plans for a new project.

Let’s speak about your industrial photography needs. Or about some photos that you want to create for a specific project. I like hearing about new challenges as well as offering ideas and solutions to clients and potential clients early in the planning process.

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Location: Amsterdam, NY.