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Professional Headshots Saratoga Springs NY

Interested in Professional Headshots In Saratoga Springs NY?

Are You Looking For A Photographer Who Specializes In Business Photography?

Right out of the gate let me tell you how I’m different:

I am a business photography specialist. My career has been spent creating images for businesses. Images for business people. Professional photography in Saratoga Springs for communications departments. Public relations agencies. Advertising agencies. And directly for corporations and institutions. I’m in command of a deep understanding of what businesses and business people need when they commission a professional photographer in Saratoga Springs NY. My career has been spent working for advertising agencies, trade magazines, public relations agencies, lobbying firms, law firms, hospitals, educational institutions and a wide variety of corporations doing working as a New York corporate photographer across all kinds of industries and markets.

Why Does Hiring A Business Photography Specialist Matter To You?

Because a photographer who handles consumer-oriented photography is set up for a different style and a different workflow. They are all about having fun, having you look playful and relaxed, then getting you in for a sales session where they sell you on making large prints for you to display on your walls. Or have you create albums containing all of your different poses. A consumer focused photographer will provide a style of photography and a style of retouching which is geared towards a softer look that may not be, shall we say, grounded in reality. It’s more aspirational.

And there is nothing wrong with that. It just doesn’t play in a business environment as it doesn’t look businesslike and it won’t make you look like a business professional. You wouldn’t wear your casual clothes to a business event, right? Even if the dress code was business casual. They are two distinctly different styles of clothing.

Just as these are two distinctly different styles of photography.

What you want is a photography that feels businesslike and professional. One that doesn’t cash in on fads or trends. One where you look like YOU and not like some over retouched instagram-filtered person on vacation.

Of course, business photos can be a little relaxed and have a more modern tone. They don't have to look stuffy, taken in some archaic style that looks like it’s all coming from 1977. Well, wait a second, wait, sometimes a slightly retro look can work for certain types of companies…

But the photo should be about competence and confidence. About skill and experience. About trust. And not about fun and frivolousness and “posing”.

Want A Professional Business Image? You Need A Great Professional Business Headshot!

You can use photographs today across websites, blogs, business social media, as email signatures, as insets into articles you write for business publications and as handouts to any professional or trade organization you might work with. And a selfie just won’t make you look like a competent professional.

Some Background On This Headshot

This photo was taken during a gap in the schedule during a trade association’s annual meeting. They wanted photos of all of their directors so we scheduled what I call a ‘volume session’ where we quickly run through a large number of people. The lighting is universally appealing across different people and different features. It also minimizes the need to fuss with things between every person who sits for a photo. Each person is in and out within roughly 2 to 3 minutes.

This approach allows us to create a large number of better quality headshots in a quick timeframe.

Of course they aren’t as perfected or as studied as a full personal branding session where large amounts of time are spent with each person. And where several outfit changes happen. But the expense for working with a volume-approach also kept the cost low for the commissioning organization.

My Background As A Professional Photographer in Saratoga Springs NY

Coming from a background as a trained photojournalist, I worked as a full time staff news photographer for a couple of decades. My transition into corporate and editorial photography happened when I realized that businesses and business publications could use images that either appeared or actually were… real. My years as a photojournalist gave me the skill to see the real, or create the real-appearing, from any environment or setting. I’ve taken that ability and have applied it to dozens of different types of businesses for more than a decade.

Booking Your Professional Headshot in Saratoga Springs NY

You Can Get In Touch With Mitch At This Link. Don’t worry, there won’t be any pestering or sales pitches. I love sharing my experience, helping companies get what they need and helping people charged with bringing a project to completion … complete that project successfully.

Or you can give me a call at 518 843 0414

I’ll be able to help walk you through the process, asking questions or offering advice to help you clarify what it is you need. Or to guide you in figuring it all out if you just have no idea which end is up and just need someone to solve the problem for you.

So let’s talk about your project today.

If you’re one person looking for a headshot …

…we will have to talk about your project to see if I’ll be able to help you. I you are looking for a professional business headshot we will have to discuss your budget and if it is cost effective for us to work together. Often, if you talk to others in your company, you’ll find that there are more people than just you looking for a new business headshot. And that’s when it becomes a win-win for all of us to work together. Since I work with a mobile studio it’s often not possible to create a business headshot in your home environment.

Perhaps you are looking around for a photographer to take a photo of you that you’ll use on a personal blog or maybe on a dating website or app. That’s the ideal set of requirements for you to seek out a consumer-oriented photographer. One that handles family portraits and high school senior photos. A photographer like that will be more oriented towards fun, light and breezy images that are tailored for personal use.

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.