Headshot photographer Saratoga Springs NY
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Headshot photographer Saratoga Springs NY

The best headshot photographer Saratoga Springs NY can create with many different "looks". It may be just a headshot. But it’s your identity, its the face of the brand that is YOU. You need to look professional or competent or approachable or confident. Or any number of ways. You can’t achieve that impression by taking a selfie. How will it look to your professional LinkedIn network if you’re smiling widely with chairs and a beach in the background? OK if it looks like thats your private beach then you might be on to something! Or how will it look if you post a photo taken with your laptop’s built in camera … that looks up your nose and is an off-color? Not very professional...Creating a variety looks is a well honed skill of mine as the best headshot photographer Saratoga Springs NY. We can decide ahead of time what sort of look suits your company the best. Or, if you want to go all-in, we can create multiple looks for every person in your company...Once specialty of mine as a Saratoga NY headshot photographer is creating a softer lighting that still holds a directional quality to it. This look allows for us to create a very professional feeling, where we can work on letting the expression and the body language of our subject do the communicating. You won’t be distracted by some lighting trickery. Nor will you be bored by the same old classic headshot style...So if you ned a modern headshot photographer, get in touch today! I also offer headshot photography in Cooperstown, Utica and Glens Falls as well s Albany Schenectady and Troy.

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.