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Albany NY Headshot Photographer

If you need an experienced Albany NY headshot photographer, look no further! Working for many years as an Albany NY photographer, I have the experience to photograph all of the staff members in your business or corporation, or to create a one of a kind executive business headshot for one key member of your team.

Great Photos from a top Albany NY headshot photographer

Head shots can also be referred to as business portraits or personal branding photos. They are important for every staff member or executive to have in the modern business world. With so many visual communications methods today, ranging from social media to websites, having a professional headshot is critical to have if you are working in the formal business and political environment in Albany NY. Today we communicate with each other using images in everything from email signatures to social media pages like LinkedIn. How do you want to be seen in your professional life … with a selfie on the beach? Or worst of all, an attempted headshot taken with the built in camera on your computer or laptop?

No. You want a great headshot that speaks to your professionalism. Or you want one that positions you or your company as more modern, as more forward. A leader in your industry.

Best Albany headshot photographer

The best Albany NY headshot photographer will know how to make you look your best, while you still look like “yourself”.

After all, this isn’t fantasy photo session like the ones sold to families at a mall studio! Or ones taken by a photographer who specializes in consumer or social photography.

Your business associates, colleagues and customers still need to recognize you. And you don’t want to commit the faux pas of looking retouched beyond all recognition. This is business, not fantasy after all. So you need a great professional business headshot taken my one of the best Albany business headshot photographers.

Styles of business headshots in Albany

A headshot isn’t a one size fits all, commodity, thing. There are varying styles designed to fit varying industries and age groups.

With today’s technology, there are photographer such as myself who have broken free of the studio and of repetitive, formulaic ways of taking business headshots. You know the stale studios that only do it one way. Photographers such as myself who specialize in photography for businesses know how to offer a variety of business photos that can suit any company’s culture and can communicate the right message that you are trying to send to business associates and clients.

You can begin with a fairly traditional business headshot such as the two you see in this portfolio composite image. This is a style of lighting and an angle of taking the photo that is fairly traditional. This way of creating the photo works well across a spectrum of ages and levels of authority within a business. Everyone in this headshot style looks “business like”. It is familiar and will survive trendy treatments in headshots that come and go.

Equally important is that this is a style of headshot that I can “map out” for another photographer in case you have offices in different locations and don’t want to commission me to travel to those places. That will help you have consistent headshots for your company from different sessions in different cities. Of course if you are going to opt for a style of headshots that need to be consistent, then you definitely should commission me to photograph them all. An example would be a large directory page where everyone’s images are placed side by side. Subtle differences in the images will become very noticeable when you put many images next to each other.

So for consistency and professionalism, have the same photographer handle the entire project!

Some tips for looking your best in a business headshot

You might be looking for a classic style of business headshot, or you may be looking for an edgier, more modern or more dramatic style of head shot. The one thing that remains constant across all styles of headshot is having a photographer who knows great headshot lighting and how to best position and pose their subjects to make them look their best, or powerful, or approachable, or any of the other ways businesspeople want to appear to their colleagues, customers or clients.

But what can -you- do to look your best in a professional business headshot? The most important factors to be aware of include:

•Men should get a haircut at least a week before their session. That allows the hair to grow in and “settle” and for them to get used to styling their new, shorter hair. It also allows for any areas around the perimeter of your hair line to get suntanned in the summer if those areas were covered by hair. Or to recover from getting sunburned in case they were exposed after getting a haircut.

•Ladies should not treat this as a session where you prepare for an evening out. A new hairstyle or extra makeup is not a good choice. You want to look like yourself, only better. You want to look natural and “recognizable” as opposed to someone seeing you and thinking you look very “dressed up” or like you are ready for an evening out.

•Clothing should be newer and fit extremely well. Often, we’ll only be photographing from above the waist. Clothes that you wear every day will be abraded and especially dark clothing will show tugs and pills that will attract the light. There is no smoothing out wrinkles or fixing a poor fit that can be done in post production. My mantra is: Photoshop is not a verb. It is not a magical thing where you push a button and instantly fix all sorts of ills.

And as far as clothing goes: subdued and businesslike. Avoid the trendy as that will make you're professional business headshot look dated in a very short time. Watch patterns. A subtle pattern is OK, but a heavy pattern will be distracting.

Second chances and first impressions.

We’ve all heard that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well in our interconnected business world today you have the opportunity with a professional business headshot to make a connection with that first email or the “About our Team” section of your company’s website. People see you and relate to you as a person, immediately, when you have a professional business headshot. They make a decision that you’re a tough negotiator or maybe open and approachable. They will “read” your confidence and poise.

Communicate your professionalism with a great business headshot!

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