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Headshot photographer in Saratoga Springs NY

If you’re in business in the southern Adirondack mountains, Saratoga Springs NY or in the Capital District of Albany, Schenectady or Troy, please take a look at my work as a headshot photographer in Saratoga Springs NY. As a specialist concentrating on photography for businesses, my headshot photography focuses on creating great images for business professionals.

I travel extensively for my business clients and can bring my mobile studio equipment anywhere you may require.

Finding the best headshot photographer in Saratoga Springs NY

You’ve probably been flooded with web results if you searched for a photographer in Saratoga NY. And those results have largely been for photographers who do work for consumers. Who focus on photography for people during “life-milestone” events that are largely socially or personally focused. You know, photographers who say they do this type of business-specialty work “too”. And though that’s what you’ve found, that’s not the kind of photographer you need.

Well you’ve found the photographer who specializes in photography for businesses in the Capital District of New York state. And one who knows how to work for business people. A photographer who uses the phrase ‘B2B’ with confidence.

With my decades of experience as a corporate and editorial photographer in Albany and Saratoga Springs, I can bring the expertise needed to handle you business photography needs. From asking the right questions at the beginning that will help identify your goals, or maybe will help you clarify them if you just don’t know what you need at the outset. To following through with energy and focus until a high quality set of images is delivered to you.

Why you need a great business headshot

The best headshot photographer Saratoga Springs NY should offer many different “looks”.

You think that it’s just a headshot. A one size fits all sort of thing. In reality, your business headshot is your business identity. It is the face of your personal brand. And that may be traditional or more cutting edge. Relaxed or very conservative. Somewhere in between. A one size fits all approach to having you stand here, then look there, then all of the photos are done the same way for every company just doesn’t take into account the goals you have for your business identity.

You need to look professional or competent or approachable or confident. Or any number of ways. You can’t achieve that impression by taking a selfie. How will it look to your professional LinkedIn network if you’re smiling widely with chairs scattered around and a beach in the background? OK … if it looks like thats your private beach where you’re doing internationals business then you might be on to something! But it’s going to look like you took a holiday-snap and are putting that out there as your professional “storefront”. Going further with the selfie-theme, how will it look if you hold the camera at that high angle and have a coy or seductive or wildly celebratory expression? It won’t look professional, it will look like “after hours” to whoever sees it. Do you want to look like you are off-the-clock? Or do you want to look like someone that a fellow business person can do business with?

Or how will it look if you post a photo taken with your laptop’s built in camera. You know the photo. It always ends up being taken from a low angle and it inevitably looks up your nose. And it almost always is an off-color? It doesn’t look very professional. And it isn’t pleasant to look at so most people won’t spend the time looking at it.

Creating a variety of headshot looks is a well honed skill of mine as one of the best headshot photographers in Saratoga Springs NY. We can decide ahead of time what sort of look suits your company or the type of work that you do the best. Or, if you want to go all-in, we can create multiple looks for every person in your company. Or we can do a trial run at your place of business to create several different looks for you to choose from.

Once specialty of mine as a Saratoga NY headshot photographer is creating a softer lighting that still holds a directional quality to it. This look allows for us to keep a very professional feeling, where we can work on letting the expression and the body language of our subject do the communicating. You won’t be distracted by some lighting trickery. Nor will you be bored by the same old classic headshot style. It won’t feel gimmicky and it won’t feel stuffy.

A case study of these images by a capital district headshot photographer.

These two images are from a firm-wide job that was done to document all of the company’s professional staff. This ranged from partners to departmental leadership. We created a softer style of lighting for this client that still held a directional quality. Part of the reason for doing this was to enable us to cut the subject out from the background so that we could then place them into a variety of different background as required. There was a website background and a specific color of gray for Linked In. One setting used for each subject against a neutral background allowed us to widely re-purpose ac person’s photo.

To see more of how this work was ultimately used in a really beautiful website redesign project, visit the Carter Conboy Law Firm’s website. You’ll see how this process of extracting each person’s image ended up facilitating their design goals while making each person look great. And everyone ended up with a photo that could e repurposed for a multitude of uses.

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