new york corporate event photography
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new york corporate event photography

Sure, you need corporate event photography that documents the settings and staging of your event. Maybe you even need a few podium shots or group photos.

But you WANT corporate event photography that shows your people interacting, learning, connecting. You want photography which documents your event in a fresh and natural way, creating photos that can be projected on massive screens over the course of a muti day event set out for media distribution or used in powerful internal communications pieces. You want great groups and nicely lit podium shots without somebody taking too much time or being distracting.

How many people will look at a static 6 person group shot, looking like soccer players lined up to block a penalty kick? How many people will look at a photo of those same 6 people out in the field, or learning at a breakout session, or celebrating an award they just received? Thats right, everybody will be interested in those sorts of photos

Let me create some great New York corporate event photography for you!

My background includes a couple of decades as a full time news photojournalist. Leaving the business, I turned my attention to covering corporate events. Great photos can be made at these events which bring my skills as an unobtrusive news shooter to work for you. It doesn’t have to be just about lining people up in groups, though if you’ll look through my event photography samples, you’ll see that I’m great at that too.

Corporate event photography can be about passion and connection and meeting and learning and networking and … participating. It can be about creating photos that are real, natural, full of information. And those photos can be spontaneous, fully staged or my favorite, real events that I nudged and prodded to make “better”.

What’s in it for you if you hire me?

An Experienced Photographer. With tons of experience photographing annual reports, advertising campaigns and editorial jobs for magazines, I can clearly follow your script and bring back the photos you need to convey your carefully crafted message. So you won’t have to worry about what your photographer is up to during the event.

Logistical Chops. With decades of experience as a full time photographer, I’m prepared. From full liability insurance that venues require of outside vendors to backup equipment to knowing how to think through and event before it happens so that logistics and staring are taken care of.

Great Visual Skills. I see photos. Sometimes as they are happening. Sometimes in my head as an idea. Then I have the ability to be in the right place to capture those things. Or to nudge those things into existence.

A Workhorse Work-Ethic. Did you see the part about how I worked full time as a news photographer for a couple of decades? There’s no crying in newspaper employment. There’s just digging in and getting the job done. I always carry lots of power bars along with my backup equipment.

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I’m a specialist in corporate event photography who will fit into your professional environment and will create great images for your internal or external communications and marketing uses.

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