industrial photographer albany ny
Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Photographer

industrial photographer albany ny

Looking for an upstate construction photographer? As an Albany NY annual report photographer I cover all aspects of a business as a construction photographer, business photographer, corporate photographer, headshot photographer. Shot under difficult conditions, this image was taken as workers were quickly assembling sections of pipe that would be used to slip-line a section of a municipal sewer system. There was no opportunity to stop and pose my subjects. Despite working as a photographer in challenging conditions, I was able to light the inside of the pipe to highlight and bring attention to where the worker was attaching the next section of pipe. In dark and very cold conditions, I added a little bit of light from the camera position to play off the light I had placed inside of the pipe. In a couple of minutes it was over. The worker was done in moments, I had to clear the area and the photo was in-hand with no disruption to the work-flow.

Another aspect of my photography is that I look for graphic photographs, for photographs with leading lines that move the viewer’s eye around the frame and hold their attention on the page, on your page, for your clients..

Location: Amsterdam, NY.