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Editorial Photographer Albany NY

Thanks for coming to see my work that I have created as an editorial photographer in Albany NY. I have decades of experience making compelling images from breaking news events as well as creating portraits and more illustrative work for editorial and trade publications.

A bit about this editorial photo from Albany

A firefighter unfurls a giant American flag at an event on Empire State Plaza at the New York State capital honoring the fallen firefighters who were killed in the line of duty or died as the result of line of duty injuries.

Prior to the event, firemen and other officials placed large American flags around the Empire State Plaza in recognition of the solemn event. Working as an editorial photographer in Albany means that I am covering events occasionally as a news photojournalist would. These sorts of events that I cover include presentations, speeches, conventions, News conferences, Press conferences, public relations events, meetings, Protests, and many other sorts of Albany events that require a photographer.

Walking the plaza, I noticed two trucks setting up and saw a little corner of a flag sticking out of a large storage bag. I asked someone where that flag was going and how big it was. With the guidance from him, I was able to pre position myself across a part of the plaza to make this photo of the unfurling of the flag.

This image was a completely spontaneous photograph that was made without any interference or involvement by me personally. I waited for them to begin hanging it from the buckets of two fire trucks outside of the New York state capitol building. Once the process began, the flag needed to be adjusted so that it hung correctly as it was raised in the air. With my ability to approach and talk to strangers, I found out what I needed to know to make a great photo for the cover of an association magazine.

Look for an experienced Albany editorial photographer

With many years of experience working as a photojournalist in Albany, I am always able to create a wide variety of images from any event. I personally enjoy creating bold and graphic images that help grab your viewers attention. I’ve been doing this for decades at hard news events in Albany, in the state Capitol, at sporting events as well as at events which various organizations and associations want covered.

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If you need an event photographer in Albany New York to cover something that is happening for a newspaper, a magazine, a trade publication, public relations uses, or your marketing efforts please give me a call. I am experienced as a New York photojournalist and I'm able to turn around photographs from an event very quickly so that you may use them for social media, public relations, or media distribution uses. By adding additional staff, your event can be covered with photography distributed in nearly real-time for you. Images can be posted online to a social media feed or to your web page soon after they are shot.

With the technical experience and deep people skills, I can help you create successful editorial event coverage.

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Location: New York State Capitol.