corporate photographer poughkeepsie ny
Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Photographer

corporate photographer poughkeepsie ny

Corporate Photographer Poughkeepsie..Working as a Poughkeepsie corporate photographer or as some would call it a Poughkeepsie commercial photographer the types of assignments that I photograph are widely variable. One day I maybe in a manufacturing facility, the next day I may be producing executive portraits for a New York business, and another day I may be in a distillery working with a craft distiller to create advertising images for his company...I have photographed many breweries and distilleries throughout New York State for a major brewing and distilling advertising campaign. My advertising photography has been used in magazines and to create a website to bring attention to the craft brewing and distilling industry in New York State...In this photograph a distiller who is creating sorghum whiskey uses what is called a thief to draw a sample of the whiskey out of a barrel as it is aging. I position myself at a unique angle to show the process and create a graphically pleasing image. Adding supplemental lighting help separate the distiller from his surroundings, drawing attention to the craft he is working on. Many corporate photography clients that I speak with initially approach me and say we don't have anything that looks like that at our facility. My answer to them is neither did they. The images you see here on my website and on my blog are not necessarily created because of dramatic Business locations, but are created by seeing the photographic potential in a setting, bringing it to life with composition and lighting. Also, using the instincts of a photojournalist I look for the gestures the moments and occasionally the emotion that really helps bring a picture to the next level...My job is to see the best that your business has to offer so that you have stunning business photography from our photo session. In corporate photography and commercial photography in Poughkeepsie or anywhere in New York State you want a photographer who has the decades of experience and a point of view to create dramatic images for your advertising photography, communications photography, public relations photography, and media photography needs for distribution to outside publications...

Location: Kymar distillery.