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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Photographer

albany ny photographers

Albany NY photographer..If you were searching for an Albany NY photographer look no further. With my decades of experience I am able to handle any sort of photography you may need in the Albany area. Throughout my career I have handled photographic assignments for businesses, institutions, healthcare agencies, newspapers, magazines, trade magazines, internal communications, public relations agencies, marketing companies, and many other clients who require a photographer in Albany New York...My diverse skill set ranges from controlled advertising photography in Albany to working as in Albany New York photojournalist. These skills, honed over many years, can be brought to bear for any type of assignment that you may require...Working as an Albany sports photographer, I noticed this unusual and cinematic image while covering a championship football game. The steam rising from the huddle of football players was a result of the cold and rainy conditions while I was covering the football game. It is always my goal to look beyond the obvious image when photographing any situation. I will always make what is called a keeper image as quickly as I possibly can. I will always execute exactly what the client wants thoroughly and completely. But I always try to make sure that I have time to look for the special images, the unplanned images, the images that rise up beyond anything that could have been preplanned or expected...And these sorts of moments where dash of serendipity presents itself are my favorite. Being experienced and prepared allows me to capture them when they do happen. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your next project involving in Albany New York photographer. Even if you don't have a firm project in mind yet but are just in the planning stages I like to get involved.

Location: Averill Park, NY.