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With a background as a former news photographer and many years of covering events in the capital district of New York, I’m the person you need as your Albany NY meeting photographer.

You need engaging and dynamic photos that will work for slideshows at the event, press kit or media handouts in real time or for future needs that you and your business can’t anticipate yet. Having a great library of images from your event will provide you with so much flexibility to respond to visual branding and visual communication needs down the road.

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Sometimes this type of photography is called conference photography or convention photography. But it is all basically the same. I am photographing a large, preplanned event where are there will be speakers, presentations, media announcements, public relations events, community outreach and awards ceremonies. All of these events need to be photographed for various needs that the sponsoring business may have.

Sometimes working as a meeting photographer I photograph in what's called breakout sessions. Often times breakout session photography is a little more challenging because you're usually in a very small nondescript meeting room. These rooms usually don't have much character or graphic appeal. But being experienced at performing meeting photography means that I can unobtrusively and effectively create dramatic and dynamic images from an otherwise mundane scene.

Ideas for great meeting photos

I positioned this speaker in a location where he would be surrounded by two very large television screens.

Working with a full complement of very modern and technologically advanced digital camera equipment means that I'm able to take advantage of the lighting that is available in a room. However, the true measure of the best meeting photographer in Albany is one who can add, unobtrusively, supplemental lighting into the scene to make a truly dynamic photograph.

And that is what I did in this situation. I added a very small amount of nearly invisible flash from a location that was not distracting to the audience or speaker. What adding this light from a dynamic angle did was visually separate for the speaker from the screens that surrounded him, bringing him into the foreground and creating a three dimensional look to this meeting photograph.

My meeting photography is not just limited to working as an upstate photographer in New York.

I have worked conferences and meetings around the country including Atlanta meetings, New Orleans conferences, Syracuse business events and Hartford conventions.

I'm happy to travel anywhere you may need this sort of photography. Meeting photography can also be referred to as conference photography, convention photography, corporate event photography or business event photography so please think of me for all of these similar needs. It all falls under the same umbrella which, as an experienced photographer, I can provide to you.

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