Corporate portrait photographer Saratoga Springs NY
Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Corporate portrait photographer Saratoga Springs NY

Working as a New York corporate photographer has me assigned, often, to complete assignments as a corporate portrait photographer in Saratoga Springs NY.

Many people will automatically think of headshots when they think of a portrait photographer. But that is only one way of approaching photographing business people. You can often make great environmental portrait that works well!

Looking for one of the best corporate portrait photographers in Saratoga?

You need someone who focuses on photography for businesses, and not consumers. This will ensure that you get photos which are direct, competent, strong, confident. And not “nice”. Or have too soft an edge.

This is the “face” you present to the business world. This is the first impression your business might be making on a new potential customer or client. Make it as focused as you are in your business development efforts.

My experience is focused on serving the business, communications and publications worlds. I know how to think through a shoot, asking the right questions before you tie up an executive’s time in front of the camera. I can bring the lighting, technical, aesthetic and people skills to your project, which will help us create the types of images you need and your leaders are happy with.

About one of the top Albany corporate photographers

Based in the Capital District of New York, I’m conveniently located to handle assignments all over the state and into Western MA. There is such a huge radius that is under a 2 hour drive away from me. I work often as a corporate and editorial photographer. So loading the equipment cases into the car and heading east or west, north or south into the state is very common for me.

My background is in journalism, having worked as a full time news photojournalist to start my career.

The ability to work quickly, problem solve under pressure and relate to people were skills that I developed immediately in the news business. Those skills transferred seamlessly when I transitioned into corporate and editorial photography. Developing my technical and lighting skills, I soon began to win clients, from small to giant, in the business world who valued images that are anchored in reality and not so much in artifice. My images may be of real situations that were effectively managed. Or they may be entirely constructed, set and lit by me. To look real.

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Learning about the project a company is planning is one of my favorite things about the office side of my business. It gives me the chance to think through a potential shoot, to be creative, to wonder, to talk with friends and colleagues. Ideas and questions rise up. And just like that I’m off and running.

Of course, it’s far more fun to actually shoot the job … That’s what I love doing after all.

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Get in touch today. I would love to speak with you about your plans for some visual communications. Even if you are in the way-early stages and there isn’t even a job “there” yet. And I’d love to speak if you were just stumbling around looking at photographers and don't have any immediate projects scheduled. It’s always great to meet someone new without the pressure of a "job interview”. Who knows, maybe some day we’ll be able to work together!

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.