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Glad to see you have stopped by my website featuring my work as a photographer in Albany NY.

Are you looking for someone who is -not- a photographer who only seems to exclusively cater to consumer and social photography clients in Albany? You know the type, they seem to imply they accept assignments for every type of work but feature almost entirely consumer oriented work on their websites. Do you need someone who can handle your business or publication photography needs? Handle shoots that require great budget and creative planning as well as full logistical support?

You Have Found Your Photographer in Albany NY

Hi. I’m Mitch and I’ve created images for heavy industries. Planned and created many photographs of dozens of busy executives without so much as a blip in their daily schedules. Spent days working deep in the operations of manufacturers, documenting what they do and creating expressive images … without messing up their operations or getting myself killed. I’ve created robust and diverse libraries of images for companies during photo shots that lasted a few hours or several days. And I know how to get the variety of images that business and specialty magazines need to run a successful feature or cover story on a particular person or industry.

This business to business genre of photography is where I’ve concentrated in my photographic work which spans decades. And where my deep experience as a corporate and editorial photographer lies.

So if you need an expert at this sort of work, I’m your photographer in Albany.

Of course I often travel to the surrounding areas of New York State, Vermont, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Yes, I travel and I travel often for my clients. I don’t work in the comfort and safety of a studio. I work out in the real world, which is where your assignment is likely taking place. Being in such a central location gives me great access to so much of the Northeast within an easy 2 hour drive.

What I do as an Albany corporate and business photographer

My work is centered around fulfilling the communications and information needs of corporations. Companies most often need to communicate across their business holdings by creating informational pieces, training materials, and educational presentations for their staff and employees. Also they need images for business websites, trade shows and social media uses. Recently, I completed and advertising campaign that will probably never see use in actual printed materials but will instead be featured across social media channels.

Frequently for business development goals, companies need to communicate with other companies about their capabilities or products. Consumers will often know nothing about this unique marketplace that exists outside of their view. But it is a huge part of what businesses, that support and sell to other businesses, do. It’s a huge part of the communication needs where businesses need to connect with their customers.

Often, I’ll work with corporate communications departments, marketing departments or public relations departments within the company. Sometimes an advertising agency will bring me into the project. Photography will be created from a factory floor right up through the “e-suite” on some of the larger shoots that I do as an Albany business photographer.

Talk to the person people have called the best Albany photographer for corporate communications

Have a project that you are just kind of wondering about? Have something more definite that is still in the “what-if” phase? This is a great time to involve me! I’ve done this hundreds and hundreds of times for a diverse collection of businesses. That experience and the ability to ask the right questions early in the creative process will help you formulate successful visual coverage that meets your marketing, advertising or communications goals.

I know how to think through a shoot well before it has happened. This allows us to anticipate issues and create solutions in advance. It also allows us to plan for robust photographic coverage while still having the time and flexibility to respond to those wonderful things that present themselves to us, things that nobody could have anticipated in advance.

Let a well experienced photographer in Albany NY help you!

Have a visual communications problem that you need help working around? Have a project that needs a fast turnaround? Need someone who has, and can come up with, ideas to choose from? Years of formerly working in the news business as well as decades of working for corporate and editorial clients means I have the experience to come up with ideas and solutions for you. I’m productive, agile and affable, qualities that mean I’ll bring great work home for you.

A recent shoot where my skills shined was a simple group shot. The catch was that the CEO’s executive team, who were the subjects of the 10 person group photo, wouldn’t all be available together until after a major morning presentation being given to financial analysts.

And the catch … the photo was needed as the first slide, projected on huge screens, in the CEO’s Power Point, as soon as he went on stage in front of a packed hall for the company annual meeting. These specifications meant that all that was allowed was 11 minutes to arrange the people, make the photo and get it in the hands of the Power Point specialist. Notice, I had it all figured out in advance and planned to where 11 minutes was all I had available.

It went great. I hit the right milestones at the right moments. Backups were in place in case something went wrong. The photo was corrected and delivered, then dropped into the top executive’s presentation as he stepped on stage in front of a packed room.

I want to demonstrate how I can help you create great photographs for your company or publication.

I’m skilled at creating a large library of images to choose from during a smaller or larger shoot day. Images that can be used for future needs or images that can give you the choices you need to make a loosely defined objective work for you

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Let’s see how I can help with your visual communications needs. It would be great to talk to you about your small or large project. And it would be especially great to talk if you are just in the early stages of formulating things. I can give you a lot to think about!


Location: Utica, NY.