new york executive photographer
Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Photographer
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new york executive photographer

Working as an Albany corporate photographer, I am located in a great spot to travel anywhere. As an upstate corporate and advertising photographer I put my subjects at ease and work quickly. 

An executive portrait is always a challenge for a business photographer. The chief executive or business owner never has time to waste. And there is always the same dynamic; they are the ones responsible for controlling every aspect of their business and they always are in control of themselves. My job is to step out of the way and to let their hard-earned business image shine through and through my lens to capture the real personality that each and every one of them shows during the photo shoot. I make them look good. And I do so quickly and under sometimes enormous pressure...Beak and Skiff Orchards in Syracuse NY is a distillery and cider making operation.

Location: Beak and Skiff.