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Corporate photographer Saratoga Springs NY

For your business photography needs, are you looking for a corporate photographer Saratoga Springs NY/

Do you need a business photography specialist? Tired of wading through all the wedding photography listing, hoping to find someone who understands and specialized in photography for businesses?

Hi. I’m Mitch and I’m a business, communications and publication photography specialist. Looking through my website and blog, you’ll see an absence of senior portraits and families in the park. That’s because I’m not a “me too” photographer claiming he can do anything and everything.

Looking for the best corporate photographer in Saratoga Springs NY?

My work centers around directly serving the needs of businesses and institutions. The assignments I handle are done for manufacturing companies, financial institutions as well as services industries such as education and health care concerns.

The clients I work for are usually in corporate communications departments, public relations agencies and advertising agencies. And often, I’m hired by editors of in-house magazines as well as trade publications to provide specialized documentation of business people and the operations of a company.

Corporate photographers are annual report photographers too

It all falls under the same umbrella of documenting the people and operations of companies. The main difference is that corporate photography may require executive portraits, headshots, meeting coverage, photographing facilities or manufacturing operations, while annual report photography may have one project that requires all of those skills.

Look for the most experienced and versatile corporate photographer

I photograph farmers and executives. I work in board rooms and barns. My years of experience starting out as a news photographer and upstate NY photojournalist have made me a versatile photographer with a wide range of photography and people skills.

A key to my versatility is my people skills. Years as a full time news photojournalist have though me how to work with people, how to handle different personalities and moods. How to make people comfortable and to respect them without seeming like I’m obsequious. Or patronizing.

Of course I have the camera, aesthetic and lighting skills to work in any environment and bring back the photos that you need.

A little about this great corporate photo for an agriculture client

This photo of a dairy farmer evokes a sliver of the late day light sweeping across the landscape and falling on our farmer. In reality, that was my vision for this image, which was taken on a hot summer afternoon when the sun was high and merciless in the sky.

I work to bring a feeling and make a connection with everyone who sees my photos. The connection I seek is a simple one; I want to make people remember something or feel something they have see or felt before. That connects them to the image and ultimately connects them to, and communicates, your message.

Get in touch with Mitch

There is a lot of work you can see here on my website and on my blog which will give you a sense of how I work as a corporate photographer in Saratoga Springs. But you really need a sense of who I am as a creative and as a photographer.

And I’d enjoy hearing a bit about your project. Especially if you’re in the planning stages where I have the opportunity to help you think through what will be needed to make it happen smoothly and successfully.

You May Contact Me At This Link

And I look forward to hearing from you.

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.