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corporate photographer new york

Corporate Photographer New York..A favorite area for me to work in as an Albany photographer is as a corporate photographer in New York. Corporate photography involves providing images for a businesses internal and extra communications as well as advertising. Some of these photographs may be used to advertise products or services to consumers or other businesses, But isn't strictly advertising photography. Most often as a New York corporate photographer I photograph various aspects of a business’ operations. Many of my clients require agricultural photography Technology photography or manufacturing photography. In addition many clients who are looking for a corporate photographer want photographs of their operations out in the field and their staff doing actual work for actual clients. This image taken on a very cold November day at a dairy farm is a good illustration of that. The company that I was doing the corporate photography for in New York provides technology services for dairy farms and the agricultural industry. We went to an actual working farm, Braving the very cold temperatures and high winds, to make photographs of a technician at work on the farm...With my years of experience as a photojournalist, I am able to set up an image such as this very quickly, finding a composition and angle which quickly tells the story. Adding in supplemental lighting helps me bring your corporate images to life, separating them from the ordinary and routine images you so often see used by a business...My job is to help you strengthen your relationships with your employees and your customers, as well as to put a face on your business, letting other people and other businesses know what you do, what your values are, and how your products can help them...Can we talk about your next corporate photography project in New York soon? I travel anywhere as a photographer in Albany, Lake Placid, the Hudson Valley, Binghamton, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. I will also travel as a corporate photographer anywhere in the country. Let's talk about the business photography in New York that you need.

Location: Glenvue Farm.