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business photographer

..Business Photographer..My several decades of working as a business photographer have given me the ability to see the potential in any situation where employees are working at a business. I am able to quickly translate what your employees do into a bold and eye-catching image. These sorts of images stop your viewer and help quickly communicate your message whether it is for advertising photography, Commercial photography, or corporate photography...Decades of experience, first starting out as a New York photojournalist, have given me the agility to work quickly and unobtrusively in any situation. Many times when you hire me to photograph for your business, there will be minimal disruption to your staff or to your manufacturing process. Those years of experience shooting tens of thousands of assignments have given me the ability to also build a rapport quickly with everyone at your company from frontline workers to the Chief Executive Officer...In this photograph a worker at a cider mill in New York checks the specific gravity of fermenting cider as he makes hard apple cider from New York apples. In New York State there has been rapid growth of the brewery and distillery industry, with many micro breweries and micro distilleries emerging. Combining the technical craft of brewing with an artistic sense has given New York state a thriving brewing industry...My years of experience also allow me to add supplemental lighting when needed without turning a shoot into a massive production just to create one image. I am often extremely productive shooting an entire image libraries over the span of a couple of days for my clients. Of course, I'm able to create highly refined images with very high production values to meet your advertising needs. But as a business photographer I also understand the need to create a high volume of images from a shoot day. My skills allow me to do that quickly for you...So if you have a need for a business photographer send me an email and we can talk about your next project. I travel anywhere in New York state as a photographer and with advanced planning can travel anywhere in the United States to photograph any assignment that requires a business photographer.

Location: Fly Creek Cider Mill.