annual report photographer albany new york
Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Photographer
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annual report photographer albany new york

As a New York annual report photographer, I photograph farmers and executives. I work in board rooms and barns. My years of experience starting out as a news photographer and upstate photojournalist have made me a versatile photographer with a wide range of photographer skills. .. This photo of a dairy farmer evokes a sliver of the late day light sweeping across the landscape and falling on our farmer. In reality, that was my visions for this image, which was taken on a hot summer afternoon when the sun was high and merciless in the sky. I work to bring a feeling and make a connection with everyone who sees my photos. The connection I seek as an Albany annual report photographer is a simple one; I want to make people remember or feel something they have see or felt before. That connects them to the image and ultimately connects them to, and communicates, your message.

Location: Amsterdam, NY.