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Albany NY Commercial photographer

Welcome to my website and blog showing my work as an Albany NY commercial photographer. With my base in the state capitol of New York, I have great access to many different cities and regions across New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut

You’ve found a dedicated business photography specialist who regularly works for manufacturers and industries, financial services companies and law firms, farmers and educators, publications and public relations firms. In short, my work as an Albany commercial photographer has me handing a diverse set of businesses and locations for business people who do business. You won’t be sidetracked by irrelevant photos of babies and landscapes and high school seniors and weddings as you review my website and blog.

I’m among the top Albany NY commercial photographers

Working as a commercial photographer for decades gives me the skills to handle your corporate communications, advertising, and public relations photography projects.

My career began as a news photojournalist, baptizing me in the world of fast moving situations with technical and social challenges which required me to come out the other side with graphically compelling images which were technically competent … which connected with viewers and communicated a story.

Take this image for example. It was shot in the milking parlor of a barn. A challenging, dark environment. Leveraging the scant existing light, I brought in some auxiliary light to add the sense of dimension and color you see, visually separating the field rep from her environment and making the location look good.

People look at my portfolio and often step back saying “we don’t have anything that looks like that here at our business” Well my answer is always “neither did they”. Let’s see what magic we can work at your location.

Need an Albany NY business photography specialist?

As an annual report photographer, clients have relied on me to handle a widely varying set of challenges in variable conditions out in the field, away from the comfort and safety of the studio. As a photojournalist, I worked under the same conditions.

So trust that you’ll be hiring someone seasoned by working in the field and by years of doing it. Someone with the experience and people skills who can make your shoot go smoothly and keep your subjects comfortable. Someone who won’t annoy the executives nor disrupt the workers. Someone who can keep going with a Power Bar and a positive attitude in the challenging environments we’ll likely encounter.

Need a commercial photographer in Albany or the surrounding area?

I work in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga Springs and Cooperstown. An easy drive for me includes Pittsfield MA, Rochester and Syracuse. Cooperstown is in my back yard. Travel is no problem for me and a lot of the northeast including northern New Jersey is close by. Need a Lake Placid photographer? Anywhere else in the Adirondack park? It’s all nearby for me.

Have confidence that you’re partnering with a business and communications photography specialist who is experienced at these sorts assignments. You won’t be relying on a team member who thinks they can do what you need because they take pictures and it’s all taking pictures …

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Even if your project is in the phase known as “we want to figure this stuff out so we can convince accounting to put it in the budget so maybe we can move something forward someday with management”. I’m happy to talk at that point, to help figure out your needs and help create a plan to get you the visual assets you need.

Location: Cooperstown, NY.