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agriculture photographer

Agriculture photographer..As a New York commercial photographer one of the areas of specialization that I work in is as an agriculture photographer. The agricultural businesses that I work for cross a wide range of disciplines. Some of the companies that I work for provide laboratory and testing services. Other agricultural companies I work for throughout the Northeast provide equipment and technical support to farms and other agricultural interests. The dairy industry in New York state is a very large sector of the states economy. Because of this I have traveled to many, many dairy farms throughout New York State, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. As a former photojournalist I bring an aspect of authenticity to my work as a corporate photographer. And photographing on a working farm requires a lot of forethought as well as a lot of agility as a photographer, having the ability to move very quickly through the situations that need to be photographed well creating compelling agricultural photos...As an agricultural photographer I have found that most businesses, Whether undertaking advertising or internal communications or public relations, want their industry to be photographed in a way that shows it as it really is. Authenticity in the agricultural community is priced very highly and that is what I try to capture as an agricultural photographer...My work has taken me into milk testing laboratories, feed management programs, on to dairy farms and into heavy equipment. All of these constantly moving parts of the industry are used to create compelling photographs even under difficult working conditions...Working as an agriculture photographer has taken me to many states and many parts of the country. Because of the spread out nature of the industry I am always traveling for agricultural clients. So you can see it is a type of photography that requires a very diverse skill set from traveling to working quickly to working indoors and outdoors in the summer in the winter, I have seen it all.

Location: Amsterdam, NY.