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Corporate Photographer Utica

Welcome to my website featuring my work as a corporate photographer in Utica. I provide focused creative services directed towards the needs of business clients. Thought my website and blog, you’ll only see work that is dedicated to serving the needs of corporations, institutions, editorial publications, marketing departments, corporate communications departments and advertising agencies. You won’t find consumer focused social photography here!

What to look for in a corporate photographer in Utica

My deep experience as a full time photographer handling the specific needs of businesses means I can create the sorts of images you need to meet your communications goals. You want versatility in terms of control. Can your photographer work as a photojournalist, documenting operations of your company, then switch into a highly produced, tightly controlled, completely lit setting?

Can your photographer relate to the line workers and the executives, without being cheesy, dopey or inappropriate?

Can your chosen photographer offer ideas, a vision and pivot on site then, inevitably, things change or aren’t working as expected?

Give me a call. I can help

A case study of this business photo from a Utica photographer

As a seasoned photographer servicing the needs of business one of the areas of specialization that I work in is agriculture photography. The agricultural businesses that I work for cross a wide range of disciplines. Some of the companies that I work for provide laboratory and testing services. Other agricultural companies I work for throughout the Northeast provide equipment and technical support to farms and other agricultural interests.

The dairy industry in New York state is a very large sector of the states economy. Because of this I have traveled to many, many dairy farms throughout New York State, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. As a former photojournalist I bring an aspect of authenticity to my work as a corporate photographer. And photographing on a working farm requires a lot of forethought as well as a lot of agility as a photographer, having the ability to move very quickly through the situations that need to be photographed well creating compelling agricultural photos.

In this instance, there was a very brief break in the high speed harvesting of hay. I’d planned for this moment, having a remote controlled flash ready to go. It was positioned inside the cab to illuminate the driver behind the wheel. I was able to set up my angle form a fair distance away, using a long lens to isolate my subject in a cluttered environment. The photo was made, my equipment was removed from the cab, a transfer truck arrived, and they were off with barely a moment in the busy setting spent waiting to make the photo.

My approach as a Utica photographer

Most businesses, whether undertaking advertising, internal communications or public relations, want their industry to be photographed in a way that shows it as it really is. Authenticity in the agricultural community is prized very highly and that is what I try to capture. This approach transfers to other businesses I am commissioned by. They all want real-appearing images. And I can capture that either working as a photojournalist, or creating a completely staged situation that is staged with ideas which go beyond pointing to a clipboard.

But my goal is to make thing look real and natural.

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Location: Amsterdam, NY.