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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Corporate Photographer Albany NY

You’ve found one of the top specialist corporate photographers in Albany NY!

My work is focused on creating visual communications for businesses and publications. Skilled in photography that focuses on specializing in corporate photography, commercial photography, business photography and editorial photography, I can create the communications, advertising and publications photography that you need.

My work isn’t about catering to the consumer market. Or worse, about claiming that I can do every genre of photography that you can think of. It’s about helping businesses and publications make the visual content they need to communicate with their customers, their employees as well as other businesses.

Why you need someone who is a business specialist as an Albany NY corporate photographer

Corporate photography involves creating images for the internal and external communications as well as advertising needs of businesses. Often this work is used for “B2B” or business-to-business communications and business development. You need a specialist who understands working with corporate hierarchies and can handle the diverse challenges a large corporation has.

Some of the photographs produced may be used to advertise products or services to consumers or other businesses, But isn't strictly advertising photography. Most often as an Albany corporate photographer I photograph various aspects of a business’ operations.

You need someone who is versed in photographing everything that different types of companies do. This may involve working as an industrial photographer, documenting some process of what is a heavy manufacturing industry without getting in the way of a dangerous process, or getting themselves hurt. Or, you may need someone who can integrate themselves into an office environment. And who knows how to put everyone from cubicle workers to the C-Suite at ease, while working quickly and with minimal disruption to create great images that tell your story.

Some of my clients require agricultural photography, technology photography, or manufacturing photography. In addition many clients who are looking for a corporate photographer want photographs of their operations out in the field and their staff doing actual work for actual clients.

The anatomy of a corporate photography shoot day

This image taken on a very cold November day at a dairy farm is a good illustration of the variety of places I’m required to work as a corporate photographer. The company that commissioned this shoot provides technology services for dairy farms and to the agricultural industry. We went to an actual working farm, braving the cold temperatures and winds, to make photographs of one of their employees at work on the farm. In this case we did not have a “tight” brief or shot list. Instead we needed to find locations where we could place the subjects to illustrate what they do out in the field.

With my years of experience as a former photojournalist, I am able to think of an idea for, and set up, an image such as this very quickly. Talking with the subject we came up with something he would be doing that looked logical that fit my idea. Finding a composition and angle to tell the story, we brought props in which included electronic equipment and the field services car. Adding in supplemental lighting helps me bring my corporate images to life, separating them from the ordinary and routine images you so often see used by a business. And a gentle skill at directing people helps me smooth over the ”awkwards”, or allows me to get the people finished quickly so they can get back to work. I know how to work with people to keep them comfortable and get them to buy-in to what we are doing so that a successful image is the result. And we repeat that process again and again during a shoot day.

What you want from a corporate photographer in Albany

You want someone who has great photographs skill, of course. And someone who has a portfolio of lots of work that has a consistent look and feel so that you know what you are hiring for and what you are going to get from your shoot day.

You also want someone who has the people skills to direct a subject. To help them understand the needs of the image we are trying to make and to make them comfortable since they are likely not an experienced model. And you need someone who connects with your people, helping them connect to what makes them or your company great. In general, someone who is able to get the people he is working with to partner, to “buy-in” and help make any situation better at communicating what makes your company great and what the culture of your company really is.

But you also want an experienced photographer who knows how to ask all of the right questions and anticipate challenges way before we ever set foot on the site we will be photographing. And nows how to think through multiple aspects of a shoot. This can include coming up with a small catalog of ideas. It can also mean understanding the needs for assistance in the form of, well, assistants who will make the shoot go faster allowing more content to be produced. Or in technical assistance like a producer or other specialists. It can include knowing how to think through and anticipate weather challenges or the needs for permits. Or even mundane things such as understanding how to get the needed equipment to a site and once it’s there efficiently moved around the site of the shoot. And it helps to have a guy who knows when he needs boots.

What great corporate photography can do for you

My goal is to help you strengthen your relationships with your employees and your customers, as well as to put a face on your business, letting other people and other businesses know what you do, what your values are, and how your products can help them. You can use those words. Or you can show your people at work in their natural environments. Or captured in a great portrait that communicates those 1,000 words to the viewer in an instant.

Get in touch with a top Albany corporate photographer

Can we talk about your next corporate photography project? I travel anywhere as a centrally located Albany photographer. My work often takes me to:

  • Albany
  • Lake Placid
  • Troy
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Cooperstown
  • Glens Falls
  • Schenectady
  • Oneonta
  • Syracuse
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Let’s talk about the photography needs that you business has. It’s great when I can be involved in the project from the outset, helping with ideas and suggestions of how to best handle your visual communications needs.

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