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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Corporate event photographer Albany NY

In your search for a corporate event photographer in the Albany NY area, you have probably run across so many websites that are essentially photographers who do this sort of work “too”. It’s one thing in a long list of widely different services they appear, or claim to, offer. Their focus upon further inspection can be determined to be this: They mostly seem to provide personal photography for the consumer marketplace. They don’t really have any direct experience with the sort of photographic and behind the scenes work that a specialty photographer has, one who serves businesses, organizations and associations needs.

Look no further for an Albany NY photographer! I’m a former news photojournalist and am a specialist at corporate event photography and convention photography in Albany. So get in touch with me so we may speak about your needs for an Albany NY meeting photographer. My work as a photographer focuses on serving the business world. And one aspect of that business photography focus is specializing in documenting corporate events and business meetings and conventions.

My work as one of the best corporate event photographers in Albany NY.

Corporate events, conventions and business meeting can include a variety of things that need to be photographed:

  • People doing presentations. This may include speakers offering informational or educational sessions. Perhaps it’s an evening of awards presentations. Or maybe you have a top executive or perhaps an nationally known industry name offering a keynote for your management and staff in attendance.
  • Formal photos. This can include photos that are efficiently managed of formal and informal groupings of people. You may also need some business portraits or business headshots of your attendees or your team. And I often handle the needs that organizations have for making other corporate portraits of single or multiple people.
  • Scene Setters. You may need signage, installations or venues photographed both for your website and publication needs or just to document how you set everything up and ran the event. This helps by “cataloging” what you did so that you an refer back to it. Finally you might beed something documented, like every attendee at a trade show you are running so that you an ensure they were actually there, doing what was promised and were following all of your rules or guidelines for the show.
  • Activity documentation. There are often team building sessions, breakout sessions or recreational activities. These can be more intimate sessions where people in your company learn about new products or services you are offering. Or they can be team building or enhance meant events ranging from (what I’ve seen) trap shooting, exercise classes, visits to museums, cultural programs, golf, cooking classes, wellness lectures and community outreach that you are undertaking which you may want documented.

And from all of these different types of things that happen at a corporate event in Albany, you want photos that look real, are engaging, and are well controlled or taken unobtrusively to make the kind of images that are required.

Looking for one of the best corporate event and meeting photographers in Albany NY?

I’m ready to work for you anywhere. Bringing you a solid foundation as an agile experienced photographer from my background as a full time news photojournalist, I have the people skills, technical experience and experience with different venues all over the country. These skills and experience mean that I can bring just myself or can assemble an entire team under my direction which is ready to create great photos for you at your convention, meeting or event.

Because of my background as a former photojournalist, I will take a “hands-on but documentary” type of approach to photographing your event.

I can work unobtrusively when needed, documenting a keynote speech and engaged audience members in attendance, while not distracting from what is going on in the meeting hall or distracting the main presenter. Or I can gently manage and ‘nudge’ a recreational event in a direction that helps me create great photos so that you have the visual content that you need for your public relations or internal communications needs.

And this background as a former news photographer further helps me in creating the kinds of photos that editors will love to have. If you’re doing handout images to media during or after your event or have garnered the attention of your industry’s trade press, my news experience means I can create the images that your specifications require as well as, at the same time, create ones that will catch the attention of industry reporters and editors, ensuring that you get good coverage of your company.

And remember, you don’t see any consumer oriented social photography on my website. What you do see is focused and specific nationwide corporate event photography, convention photography, and photography for businesses and business publications.

You’ve found the specialist for this sort of work who will fit into your professional environment and will create outstanding images. Business images that help you do business!

Anywhere your business meeting or corporate event is, that’s where I’ll be glad to go.

Over my decades as a full time photographer I have acquired:

  • Experience traveling to events all over the country
  • Experience photographing all kinds of subjects from straight unobtrusive documentary to fully managed photo sessions.
  • Experience in venues ranging from a hotel meeting room, to a major ballrooms to arenas.
  • Experience creating photos that editors will want for your media handouts.
  • Experience working under pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Experience planning and thinking through these sorts of events in advance. As well as the experience in handling, pivoting or changing directions as needed when something changes during an event or is added to an event .
  • Experience creating the images businesses need.

Contact Mitch for your corporate event photography needs

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I can provide you with a quote and necessary vendor paperwork, fast. You’ll get this part of your event planning taken care of fast if you partner with me. I’ll ask the right questions and offer helpful suggestions. I’ll get you the information you need seamlessly so that you an focus your energies on getting other jobs done that you have to do!

Hire me. Get great meeting photos in Albany or anywhere in New York or the rest of the country. Be able to forget about tis aspect of planning your convention or meeting.

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