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Cooperstown photographer

Welcome to my website with portfolios of images featuring my work as a Cooperstown photographer who specializes in photography for businesses and publications. Additionally as an offshoot of my specialization as a business photographer in Cooperstown, I can work for you business as an event photographer in Cooperstown or a Cooperstown meeting photographer.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s clear you are looking for a photographer who can handle annual report photography for you, or maybe business publication photography. Perhaps you are even looking for someone to cover a convention, meeting, event or conference.

My work as a full time professional photographer in Cooperstown is focused on serving the needs of businesses and fulfilling their communications and advertising photography needs. This can range from internal communications for businesses as well as the needs of the B2B and B2C market sectors.

I’ve handled assignments in Cooperstown for businesses, institutions, trade publications and for clients needing meeting photography. That last one is a bit unique as the natural beauty of Cooperstown draws businesses who have spectacular meetings at the Otesaga hotel, which I can cover for any business or organization as a meeting and conference photography specialist.

So you need a business photographer in Cooperstown …

With my central location in the Capital District of New York, it’s easy for me to handle assignments that require a Cooperstown photographer. With my central location, I’m also able to easily serve clients anywhere. Most of New York State is an easy drive for me. But right in my back yard I can help clients with assignments in Cooperstown, Herkimer, Utica, Worcester, Norwich, Binghamton and Delhi.

My background as a Cooperstown corporate photographer

What I can offer that will be a great help to you getting your project off the ground or in creating visual communications assets is extensive experience working as a corporate and editorial photographer. That means I’ve focused on the types of photography that businesses and publications need.

Maybe that is documentation of a business’ operations, such as work I did at the Ommegang Brewery nearby. Maybe the assignment involves portraits of executives or business owners. That is one of the types of work I do.

You won’t find the sorts of consumer or social event photography making up the bulk of my website like you’ll see from other photographers in the Cooperstown area. They are just casting a wide net in the types of work they want to bring in the door in order to survive. They are doing it backwards. A good photographer should be perfecting a specialty as a photographer, or having a specific focus to their work, then casting a wide net for the clients they want to work with, while being willing to travel great distances if needed to work for those clients. I halfway expect some of these folks to list sealcoating driveways or selling live bait on their websites with all the types of photography they claim they can do.

To further clarify, as a Cooperstown corporate photographer I do executive portraits as one facet of my business photography. But I have taken that portrait skill into boardrooms. Into conference rooms. Out on farms. Onto manufacturing shop floors. So it’s a business portrait specialty, but I’m able to execute that speciality in a variety of locations.

What to look for in a Cooperstown photographer

Experience. Relevant experience. You need a business marketing or advertising goal fulfilled. You don’t need some consumer based social event photographer handling it just because they are the only person who shows up on a web search. Call me. I’ve worked for trade magazines. Handled assignments for manufacturers who make intermediate products and want to show how their products integrate into finished products which affect the lives or bottom lines of end users. I’ve made executive portraits or environmental portraits out in the, literal, field.

Photographing for business needs, corporate communications or marketing uses requires someone who has the ability to understand your position in the marketplace and can communicate that to the final audience. And that takes the specialized lighting, technical, and people skills to make it happen. Additionally, someone with deep experience can ask the right questions way before an assignment takes place, making sure it goes off at the right time without a hitch.

Mitch Wojnarowicz is your choice for a photographer in Cooperstown

I have decades of experience and the relevant skills for a successful shoot. Hey, I recently got a whole shoot killed because I asked the right questions. Access when and where the client wanted wouldn’t be possible. They were marshaling resources for a project that was destined to fail. It was not something anyone could have anticipated on the face of it. Except, I’ve been so many places because I worked as a photojournalist for newspapers for a long time. I know how to drill down and think through a shoot before it has happened. Let me bring that pre planning and pre production experience to you!

A case study of this Cooperstown business photography assignment.

A super fun and interesting assignment I’ve done for several years is helped create visual assets for the New York State craft brewing and distilling initiative Brew Central NY. The goals are to raise awareness of the craft brewing and distilling industry in the state, enhance tourism with/because of that industry, support the businesses that do this sort of work and by extension enhance economic activity in the state.

Not exactly a dirty job for me! I’ve travelled all over the state and met everyone from process engineers doing this as a side business to what you’d call “artsy folks” who love creating. The thing that unifies them is their quest for a great brewed, fermented or distilled product. And that draws all kinds of people who love those products.

This shoot was at the Green Wolf brewery in Middleburg, NY We had a few hours there where I could create portraits and process photos of the owner/brewmaster. Like so many other assignments, there are parts of the shoot where I just have to learn what is going on and effectively photograph it. The higher-value skill that I bring is the ability to work my way through a process or a person’s motivations, thinking through the questions of what would they do, how would they do it and … why they do what they do. I then translate these answers into “scripts” or “vignettes” for creating a set of images from a location.

How, just how can we get in contact with you?

Well You Can Contact Me At This Link!

I enjoy speaking with potential clients about something that maybe might be possibly planned for sometime in the future. It’s great to help a potential or actual client with ideas or suggestions. And who knows, maybe I’ll save your bonus by getting a project killed for you before it even takes place!

It would be outstanding to hear about the project I can help with or the problems that I can solve for you. Let’s speak today!


Location: Cooperstown, NY.